Celebrating Christine’s Birthday @ Cristang, 8 Avenue PJ


    To my dearest Christine,

    It’s your birthday and I’m thinking how glad I am that you were born. You are a good friend who’s there to provide support when times are tough, and you bring positive vibe and happiness to everyone.

    Happy Birthday darling! I wish you another great year from the bottom of my heart.


    We celebrated Christine‘s birthday last week with lots of presents, a simple dinner at Cristang and a lot of cam-whoring afterwards. Please do not read on if you are here for pictures of food worth drooling over because this post is flooded with vain pictures of *ahem* some female floggers *ahem*.


    I believe Cristang needs no further introduction because the restaurant itself has been blogged to death. Located at PJ 8th Avenue, Cristang is often referred as neh-that-secluded-restaurant-famous-for-their-petai-pork-burger-and-fried-nasi-lemak- arrrrrrr

    From L to R: Green D’Tox (RM 8.90), Bitter Lemon (RM5), Lime Juice (RM5.80)

    Nasi Lemak Goreng With Lap Cheong, Bacon And Omelette (RM12.80). It’s the most artery clogging food that I’ve ever heard. Unfortunately, the food that make your ass grow always taste the best. With sweet waxed sausages and bacons thrown in, the hot and spicy nasi lemak was sinfully, devilish and delicious!

    How could we miss out on the famous pork burger? We took P7-The Urban Legend as recommended by the affable owner, Gerald. Essentially a P4 + melted cheese, our burger was a HUGE pile consisting of a 250g pork patty, minced pork tossed with chilli and chopped petai, bacon bits, melted cheese, onion rings, tomatoes and pickles. An unexpected combination, every bite was a delicious mouthful that bursts with an intriguing flavor.

    P1: pork patty (RM 16.80)
    P2: P1 + back bacon (RM 19.80)
    P3: P2 + minced pork chili con carne (RM 23.80)
    P4: P3 + petai stuffed in patty (RM 25.90)
    P5: P4 + grilled cajun prawns (RM 28.80)
    P6: P5 + grilled fresh cut pineapples (RM 30.80)
    P7: p4 + melted cheese (RM 28.80)
    P8: Tandoori Pork Burger (RM 28.80)
    P9: The Korean Inspired (RM 30.80)

    Carbonara With Bacon Fungi (RM 23.80).  A lovely, creamy version of a well known favourite but we still like the one from Delicious Cafe best.

    Bacon Rib Ambila (RM18.80). A perfected grandfather’s recipe,  the Bacon Rib Ambil was delicious, with a smoky flavour and a tangy curry gravy. We couldn’t resist the temptation to order some plain rice to soak up the delicious gravy.

    We have been very blessed to have Ivy, the girl who bakes so well. She made the birthday girl a Peach Yoghurt Cheesecake and it was so good! And the good news is she’s starting to take orders now! Do email Ivy at icaiwei@gmail.com

    hugs and kisses to Christine

    We got her a sensual and sexy nightwear from La Senza. *cough cough*

    the sweetest couple I’ve ever seen

    poor KampungBoy wanted to join in the fun
    *pictures credit to Chris

    Cristang Restaurant
    Section 8, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
    B-G-19, 8 Avenue, Jalan Sungei Jerneh (8/1)
    Petaling Jaya. (behind the Courts Mammoth, Wisma Thrifty)
    If you are coming from Federal Highway, go up the ram and turn left after you see PJ Hilton on your left. Turn left at the traffic light. Go straight and turn right at the traffic light when you see CIMB on your right. Go straight till the end of the road and turn right. PJ 8 Avenue is on your right.


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