Dragon-I’s Hairy Crab Set Menu (RM128 nett)


    Many thanks Dragon-I and Kong Wai Keong, the Public Relations(PR) consultant for Dragon-I restaurants for inviting us over for a food review session on their Hairy Crab Set Menu. Priced at RM128 nett / person (min 3 pax), the set consists of Steamed Hairy Crab, Steamed Shanghainese Dumpling with Crab Meat, Double-Boiled Superior Chicken Soup, Fresh Vegetable Cooked with Crab Meat, Yong Chow Fried Rice and Sesame Dumpling in Ginger Soup. The deal is not too bad at all, considering the fact that we paid about RM70 to RM90 just for the crab.

    Dragon-I’s interior is modern but not too intimidating and details abound, from the display of the grand statues of Qin terra cotta warriors to the beautiful tea cups.


    We started with a Double Boiled Superior Chicken Soup with fish maw and bamboo pith. The quivering fish maw was spongy and gelatinous while the bamboo pith provided a nice crunch to it. The double boiled soup that has a subtle sweet flavour was really comforting too.

    Steamed Shanghainese Dumpling with Crab Meat aka Xiao Long Bao, so gorgeous, so dainty!

    Topped with some beautiful coral coloured female crab roe, the xiu long baos were one notch higher (means you pay more for it la :p). The skin was a little thicker than usual but all is forgiven when I nibbled the side of the Xiao Long Bao and suck the meaty, sweet and flavorful broth inside!

    Fresh Vegetable Cooked with Crab Meat. Ma, vegetables never tasted so good! Gua-ren-teeeeee I will finish my vegetables if my mum cooks it this way.

    Prepared by chef Kung Yu Hung from Yong Chou (a county in China), the  rice came out with each grain still distinct, fluffy and nicely coated with egg.

    It’s show time! The highly anticipated moment has arrived when the waiter prepared the crabs for our easy consumption. The shell was opened, the crab legs were pulled off and he used scissors to push the meat out. Seems easy? A layman might take hours doing this!
    dragon i-1

    Hairy Crab was named as such because  pincer claws exhibit a dark hairy mass and the males are generally hairier. All of us got a medium sized male crab of (200+ gram) for the roe of male crabs are creamier, richer and softer. Other than the soft oozy roes, the meat is very sweet and fresh too!
    dragon i

    Air flown weekly from Tai Lake, China, these crabs fatten as soon as the first autumn wind chills the region. So the official season opened in late September and last until December. Quick Quick! Make a reservation at Dragon-I restaurant now, or you’ll have to wait another year 🙂

    up the shell and reveal its roe-laden interior!

    All washed down with warming ginger tea to counter the cooling (liang) effect of these evil yummy-licious crabs!
    dragon i-2

    It was a nice tasting sessions with the celebrities – Queen, FBB, KY, Ciki, Nigel, Cheesie, Squall and Michelle! It really is nice seeing you guys (again for some of you)!
    dragon i-3

    Can see that KampungBoy really likes his food.

    Dragon-i, The Curve
    6 Jalan PJU 7/3
    Lot 136 & 137, 1F
    Mutiara Damansara, PJ, Selangor
    Tel: 03-7728 6888


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