Restoran Boston Baru @ Klang


    Butter Mantis Prawn with Corns (RM 15) – so delicious that it is worth going the extra miles.

    If you are a seafood fanatic, Restoran Boston Baru is the place to go. Our friend, Miss J who knows her way around Klang brough us here for dinner one day, and it is apparent that Klang people loves this place too.

    We reached at 7pm sharp but to our horror, the place was packed and all tables were fully occupied. We even bumped into James who went home disappointed after seeing the crowd. Finally the long wait is over when the butter mantis prawn came to our table hot and crispy. Unlike some other version with too much flour, Boston’s version is perfect with the right proportion of batter. The butter sauce with corns was incredibly rich and creamy with an enriched butter taste. Definitely one of the best!

    Steamed Lala with Superior Stock (RM 12) is one of their signature dish and you can easily spot it in every table. Steamed with fried garlic,  birds eye chilli, ginger and rice wine, the lalas were so fresh and juicy. The sweet and spicy superior stock was extremely addictive to the senses too. Even for a person who can tolerate spicy food well, KampungBoy still find it spicy (in a good way).


    The Sizzling Seafood (RM25) came out last. The prawns, squids and fish were fresh but the sauce was too salty for our liking.

    Some greens to add nutritional balance to the meal.

    Other than the famous butter mantis prawn and steamed lala with superior stock, Boston Baru is famous for their nestum mantis prawn and hokkien noodles as well. We were warned about the long wait beforehand, so it is a good idea to either go earlier or be prepared to hang out for about an hour or so.

    Restoran Boston Baru
    Jalan Kapar, Klang
    (Opposite KWSP, Same row as Lembaga Tabung Haji)
    Open at 7.00pm
    016-268 3104/012-905 3523


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