Happy 5th Anniversary @ Kura Japanese Restaurant, One World Hotel

    Copy of 5th anniversary1

    When I first met you five years ago,I could not stand this arrogant man that stood before me and you dislike me for my intimidating stares.

    For some strange reason, chemistry sparks between us and I knew you were the one and only one for me.

    Thanks for changing my life for the better, thanks for tolerating my tantrums and my emotional moments, and many thanks for the years of happiness and joy that you have brought to me. To be able to spend the rest of my life with you gives me something to look forward to day after day.

    Happy 5th Anniversary to Us!
    Copy of 5th anniversary

    On this special occasion, we went to Kura Japanese Restaurant at One World Hotel for a simple meal. Look at our previous anniversary dinner here (2nd, 3rd, 4th)

    The interior is elegant but not overdone, making the restaurant stylish but providing a vague hint of coziness at the same time.


    We were promptly seated at this gorgeous little space by the window overlooking the garden of One World Hotel.

    We started our meal with a refreshing salad. I love the japanese mayo topped with ebiko that makes a great combination with the fresh crisp greens.

    KampungBoy brought along our new friend from Taiwan, meet the Monkweys.

    A spin off from the usual California Roll, Kura’s Summer Roll was refreshing for the sushi enthusiast. I love the unique combination of ebiko, edamame and avocado. A thin spread of cream cheese has added a delicious, creamy texture to the roll too.

    Natto has always been a fear factor food for us and for god-knows-what reason we ordered this plate of foul-smelling sticky web of fermented soybeans to conquer our fear. It’s quite nice actually, I mean the sliced lotus root and please put the gluey natto aside!!

    As the main course – we shared a bento set. It comes with the standard salad, smooth and silky chawanmushi, miso soup and a small fruit platter.

    The thick cut sashimis was fresh but sans the melt in your mouth texture. I know, what can you expect from a RM40 bento. We just don’t feel like splurging on some exquisite premium cuts like this and this. :p
    The grilled saba on the other hand, has a wonderful aroma and is deliciously fatty as well. The skin, lacquered with teriyaki sauce was slightly crispy and charred.

    Green tea ice cream for him and Goma ice cream for me. The mind-altering bowl of green tea ice cream was soft, creamy with a slight bitter after taste. My goma ice cream too, was fantastic! Rich and aromatic with a slight nutty taste.

    The food was pretty decent but nothing is really remarkable. Maybe we shall go for more ala carte item next time. We spent a little over RM 100, which is pretty standard for a meal at a Japanese restaurant with nice setting.

    Kura Restaurant
    One World Hotel
    Bandar Utama
    Petaling Jaya
    Tel No: 03 – 7681 1111


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