Senjyu Sushi @ Cineleisure, Mutiara Damansara

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    Still remember our previous visit to Senjyu Sushi @ Cineleisure? We were fairly happy with the dining experience but the only gripe would be the price, considering the fact that it is an up scale conveyor belt place. So when Vkeong told us that Senjyu Sushi has taken the initiative to introduce a new menu and cutting down the price, we were more than delighted to drop by!

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    Senjyu Sushi, which is related to Sakae Sushi from Singapore, has nothing much in common.  Senjyu Sushi is an up market sushi place, with nice sleek décor, gorgeous pieces of copper cranes, unique line up of green bottles along the wall and a dark ambiance while Sakes Sushi is fun, casual and comes with a reasonable price tag.

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    The new menu with pictorial display of the food item has provided much help in decision making.

    We were served with freshly grated wasabi first. It has a sharp and clean flavor, unlike the usual wasabi paste that we have in other sushi joints. Other than ordering from the menu, one can pick plates after plates of sushi from the conveyor belt. I remember last time the conveyor belt items cost like RM 4 for a simple cucumber maki to RM 16 for more luxurious items but nothing is beyond RM10 now.

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    Fancy Corbeil (RM 9.90) with jasmine flower, globe amaranth flower, pot marigold and green tea leaves.

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    We started off with the Oyster Sashimi (RM12). If you were thinking why not pay RM 88 for some Japanese buffet where you could easily down one dozen of oysters at one go then you were wrong. These are in a different league because they are being air flown from Canada on a weekly basis. The oyster has a clean, smooth flavor and a fresh, briny finish. Citrus ponzu sauce is good in bringing out the natural sweetness.

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    Botan Ebi Sashimi (RM 18). Sweet and fresh, it’s like the next best thing to lobster.

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    Lobster Salad with Apple Vinegar Dressing (RM 16.90). The salad was prepared so nicely and Rainie, the manager explained everything that was in it. The fresh crisp leafs and refreshing dressing is perfect to beat the heat.

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    Salmon Kimchi Nabe. “Nabe” means hot pot with a myriad of ingredients such as pork/seafood, tofu, onion spring, Chinese cabbage, and chives. The soup made up of miso paste and kimchi, is slightly spicy and very flavorful. We absolutely adore this soup and would come back for it!

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    Trio Salmon Sushi (RM 10) is another dish that comes highly recommended. Wrapped with thick slabs of salmon with a generous sprinkling of shrimp roe, black shrimp roe and flying fish roe, the sushis tasted divine!

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    Senjyu Sushi takes pride in serving the best and freshest sushis which explain why the Idako Mentai Gunkan is slightly different. The flame-seared chukka idako was plump and crunchy, with a light smoky flavor.

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    Senjyu Wagyu Maki (RM39.90). Fret not, the wagyu slices were not done ala carpaccio. The slivers were lightly pan fried which helps in retaining juiciness and flavour. We also enjoyed the play of different textures between the maki roll – a combination of golden mushrooms and asparagus. Topped with wagyu beef lard and spring onion.

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    Handrolls – Foie Gras with Avocado Temaki (RM10), Shako Tempura Temaki (Mantis Shrimp tempura handroll, RM 12) and Shisamo Temaki.

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    There’s nothing to shout about the Tempura Moriawase (RM 13.90) though.

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    Cawanmushi (RM4.90). My ultimate comfort food has to be silky smooth and soft and Senjyu Sushi’s one was perfect!

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    And we thought we were done with the food, pineapple sorbet and coconut sorbet (RM 10.90) was placed in front of us. I love the delicious pineapple sorbet in the natural pineapple shell which delivers a light refreshing treat. The boys, on the other hand is loves the wonderfully fresh and rich coconut sorbet.

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    A perfect end to our meal – Kyoro Iri Umeshu Jelly (RM8.90) which reminds me of my only bottle of umeshu wine sitting in the fridge. With grapes encapsulated in umeshu flavored konyaku jelly, it makes such great DIY party food idea isn’t it?

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    Sakae Izakaya – A Japanese Bar with snacks & tapas at the other end of the Senjyu Sushi outlet.


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    Everyone loves promotions and here’s what Senjyu Sushi has got to offer. Present these Daily Savers’ Coupon (valid from 13 April to 13 June 2009) to enjoy a special rate for a certain dish on a certain day. For example, RM1 for Salmon Sushi on Monday and RM4 for Salmon Sashimi on Thursday.

    It was such a pleasant dining experience with good food, classy interior and great companions like Vkeong, Yi Wen and Rainie. We love the Oyster Sashimi, Trio Salmon Sushi, Salmon Kimchi Nabe and Idako Mentai Cunkan so much that it’ll definitely warrants a third visit!

    Senjyu Sushi

    Cineleisure Mutiara Damansara (next to McDonalds)

    Tel: 03-7727 9028

    Sunway Pyramid

    Tel: 03-5632 8119 (Old Wing, one floor below TGV Cinemas)


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