Restoran Baby Seafood @ Batu Belah, Klang


    “Baby Seafood’s most outstanding dish – fish cooked over charcoal stove is simply out of this world!” Miss J, our food guide of the day said. It just built a little more onto the already mounting anticipation after we read about Precious Pea’s raves on the fish.


    Together with another close friend, we embarked on a journey to Klang, the vicinity of all things sinful – Bakuteh and Seafood. We are basically clueless when it comes to finding our way around Klang but we are so lucky to have Miss J. Having to grow up and live in Klang for many years, she just knows every nook and cranny in Klang.


    We reached there around 7pm but the restaurant was full by then. There’s even a small crowd waiting outside. Here’s a little tip from Miss J – go there before 6 pm and wait for their doors to be opened.

    Finally we got a place in about 15 minute’s time. One can see that every single table is having the signature steamed fish over charcoal stove. The choice of fish is limited to garoupa, threadfin, red snapper and white snapper.

    The huge portion of soup came with our order of steamed fish. With ingredients like dried chilies, birds eye chilies, lemongrass, lime leaves, ginger, etc., the soup provides a spicy and tangy feast of flavors with every slurp.

    Our steamed red snapper (RM 33) was placed on top of a charcoal stove to keep warm. Appearance wise, the steamed fish almost resembles Teochew style with sour plum and salted vegetables but it tasted different with the addition of the sour and savoury broth.  Keep pouring the broth over the fish as the heat dries up the sauce. The broth became so concentrated towards that end that it is a pure enjoyment to devour it.


    The stuffed chicken wing (RM 4.50 per piece) is another signature of Baby Seafood. Stuffed with ham, cheese and chives, the boneless chicken wing was moist, tender and delicious! The outer layer is coated with some proprietary sweet and smoky sauce.

    At only RM 1.60 per piece, we could not resist ourselves from ordering the pandan chicken. The meat is succulent and tender with just the right amount of crispiness on the outside.

    Eat some greens to offset the guilt of over-indulging. Choy Dam (RM 10)

    Feeling greedy, we asked for Nestum Mantis Prawn (RM 12). While the nestum coating was crunchy and aromatic, it tasted bland.

    If you have been craving for something soup-y, spicy and sour, Baby Seafood is the place to go! Would be good if you feel like sweating it out without hitting the gym. We were all sweaty after the dinner even with the air conditioning going full blast. Did I tell you that we paid less than RM 20 per person, and the white rice (RM 0.90) is bottomless?

    Baby Seafood
    186A-1, Jalan Sungai Putus, Batu Belah,
    40150 Klang
    Tel:019-213 5807
    Opens from 12pm to 230 pm, 6pm to 1030pm
    Closed on Monday (it opens on a Monday if it coincides with a public holiday; in which case they will close on Tuesday)


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