3 years, 2 foodies and a 1 million hits!

    Did you notice the hit counter in our sidebar? We have reached 1 million hits (close to 1.1 mil as of today *being calculative*). It is really amazing for what started as a blog with a mere 10  hits per day (well, half of it come from kampungboy & citygal haha). Needless to say we couldn’t have made it without your  love & support. Thank you all for being the best readers a flogger could ask for! It does mean a lot to us  and it will definitely keep us moving.

    Feel free to tell us your favourite makan places and we will try our very best to  drop by. Please email to kampungboycitygal[at]gmail[dot]com if there’s any ideas to help us do better too. Hope to hear from you guys soon!

    In the mean time, we are flying off to Hong Kong from 23rd to 28th April. Wish us luck in our lil food pilmigrage to the holy land of gastronomic delight!


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