BBQ Chicken @ Jaya One, Petaling Jaya



    “Its not barbeque. It’s best of the best quality”


    With more than 30 restaurants to choose from, Jaya One offers a great hang out place for PJ people. It has become our little playground ever since, since parking is not an issue and comes free with every RM 30 spent at any restaurant. Most of the restaurants are located around the Palm Square zone and Wai Sik Kai zone.

    Few weeks back, we found ourselves back to Jaya One again. We wanted to go for dim sum at Duck King but the long queue has put us off so we ended up at Korean BBQ eventually. BBQ Chicken is the No. 1 franchise brand in Korea with outlets around China, Spain, Japan, USA, Vietnam, Australia, Mongolia, Malaysia and Singapore. Self acclaiming as the no.1 chicken restaurant in Korea, they took discernible pride in their chicken dishes (obviously) and one of the main selling points would be frying the chicken in extra virgin oil.

    We went for the super good value “lunch special”, which is valid daily from 11am to 2pm. One can choose from burgers & breads, olive, barbeque, beef & fish that comes with free soup, drinks and a single scoop ice cream.




    Coffee of the Day & Soft Drink



    Forgettable Mushroom Soup


    My order of charbroiled chicken is moist, tender and delicious and the amazingly sweet and spicy marinade permeated through every bite.



    The spicy fried chickens from the olive series are really good too. Coated with layers of sticky spicy sauce, the skin had a very good crunch and great spicy flavor. Despite being truly finger-licking good, this is a multi-napkin chicken. 




    Prices here are definitely higher than the Kentucky Fried Chicken where the total bill came about RM 30. However, I wouldn’t mind paying more for the super crunchy fried chicken that is oh so healthy and the attentive services.

    BBQ Chicken
    No. 12-G, Block M Jaya One,
    Jalan University,
    46200 Petaling Jaya
    Tel.:03-7954 8722



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