De Foodland @ Bandar Sri Menjalara & Cotton Club @ Maju Junction


    September must be the peak birth month, where we are having a hive of birthday celebrations for the September babies every Friday/Saturday since the first week of September. Here’s another post on birthday celebration, a whole lot of pictures on food, drinks and peeps (dedicated to the team) to feast your eyes.

    Spare, bright, and clean, De Foodland is hard to miss with the huge green signboard and red neon crabby. Famous with its 31 styles of crab dishes, both shop lots are filled with patrons licking the sauces off their fingers. Ten Ten and Arina invited us for a gathering cum celebration dinner over here.




    All the dishes are pre-ordered by the sweet couple where we just have to sit down, get set and attack. The rich and velvety yam basket, fried to a golden crisp, contains chicken fillets and assorted greens was delicious.

    Scramble egg with tomato, as simple as it sounds, is nothing fantastic. Surprisingly I get all nostalgic once I took a bite; mum would usually cook this for a simple lunch. I’m so glad that I’m back to Ipoh now and having easy access to mum’s cooking anytime.

    Claypot braised beancurd dish is attractive with brightly coloured vegetables and beans accompanying the bean curd and mushrooms. Another addition to the table is Kam Heong La La. The la la is pathetically small but the accompanying gravy is aromatic with a generous amount of dried shrimps, chilies and curry leaves. The Guinness stout pork rib is beautifully coated in a delicious, thick, sticky and caramelized sauce but the meat is a tad too dry. The succulent fried chicken fillet in Thai style is accompanied by a tangy sweet and sour sauce and I love to pick on the shredded green mangos and onions.


    How can you not ordering crabs at De Foodland? Out of the 31 styles of cooking crabs, some in a bizarre and eccentric way, we have decided to play save by having the Crabs in Butter Sauce. The big fat crabbies are coated with a layer of sinfully rich and creamy butter sauce. It’s more to the sweeter side, unlike Wong Poh’s version with curry leaves and cili padi that gives it a hint of spiciness.


    heavenly matched other half of these butter crabs has to be fried mantaos. Sweep it with layers of artery clogging creamy butter sauce and you are in seventh heaven.

    The total bill comes up to RM 400++ which I find it a bit over priced. The crabs are selling at RM 40 per kg where a lot of eateries are offering crabs at a very competitive price of RM 18 to RM 30 per kg nowadays. Wong Poh will still be the ultimate place to heal my crabby fix but of course, some people might think that there’s no sense in going for a promotion just for the hell of it which explain why business at De Foodland was brisk.


    The night is still young for the girls, but not those uncles who are older by two years. They gave in, where we ended up at The Cotton Club, Maju Junction. We were anticipating some swinging jazz grooves for a night up, but the band is playing some Cantonese hits instead.



    There was a buy one free one promotion for wine (RM 110 each) going on so we had eight of them.


    Some sex on the beach to sizzle up the night. I was eyeing the food menu where they offer an impressive selection of contemporary western cuisine for lunch and dinner, six days a week.


    The waiter brought out a litted operah cake ordered from BBO. The cake was fresh and theres some lovely macarons on top, the wording Happy Annivessary (annivessary cum birthday) swirled prettily.


    So Arina was pretty much hooked the moment the moment her bf, ten ten handed her the bouquet. Their sheepish and flushing cheeks are so sweet and lovely.


    A Great Night Out

    De Foodland Seafood Restaurant (Click to Enlarge the Map)
    25 & 27, Jalan 3/62B
    Bandar Sri Menjalara
    Kuala Lumpur

    Contact No: 03-62744796

    The Cotton Club Jazzaurant (Click to Enlarge the Map)
    Maju Junction Mall 1001,
    Jalan Sultan Ismail
    50250 Kuala Lumpur.
    Contact No : 03-2772 8588


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