Grandma’s 80th Birthday Bash @ Pusing Public (Mun Chong) Seafood Restaurant

    After 1 week in the hospital being nursed back to health, my mother was finally discharged from the hospital. She is recovering fast, feeding on tonic soups such as walnut soup, red date soup, chicken ginseng soup, etc. Maybe I shall feature some of these in my coming posts, the soups are doing wonders for her recovery, of course the doctors and nurses are doing a great job too. Thanks everyone for the smses, phone calls and comments that express your concern. After such traumatic event, let’s look at a joyous one, which is my grandmother’s 80th year old birthday celebration last month.

    The Chinese have a deep-rooted tradition of respecting the elderly. Traditionally, the 60th birthday is regarded as important because it remarks a new life cycle. It is greatly celebrated and from that onwards the birthday celebration is held every 10 years. So, this is grandma’s third grand birthday celebration already. This year we had 12 tables filled with our friends and relatives.

    I am proud to say that Grandma is still strong and healthy at her age. She goes for a brisk walk every morning, cooks us lunch and she has no problem climbing the stairs. Few years back, she went to Disneyland Tokyo and to our surprise, she managed to take all the rides.

    My cousin brother’s cutie pie. They are the youngest in the CHIN’s family and also the apple in everyone’s eye.

    Popo posing with her great grandchildren. This is the already the best shot, the kids can never stand still for a picture. :p

    Awwwww..So cute..Feel like pinching them now..

    Peaches which are signs of long life are required. They are actually steamed wheat flour with sweet lotus paste inside. It comes in a huge peach, the waitress cut the huge peace into half, revealing another 10 small cute peaches.

    The appetiser is enough to stuff everyone, with stir fry glass noodles with crab meat, sesame chicken, salad prawn, stuffed meat coated with almonds, steamed dumplings in oyster sauce and scallop in crab meat sauce. It is a dish that delight the palate.

    The mandatory sharkfin soup, the waitress pour too much vinegar in, it actually overpower the taste of sharkfins and crab meat.

    It gets my vote – Deep fried whole cod fish with soy sauce. The cod fish is fresh and the soy sauce complements it well. A simple dish with extraordinary taste.

    Steam chicken with ginger – This is good, the chicken meat was tender and I love the taste of ginger and Shao Xing wine.

    Mun Chong’s signature prawn dish using fresh water prawns from Tok Alang to be fried lightly. This is an must order dish everytime we pay our visit here.

    A vegetarian dish cater to my grandmother because she loves vegetarian food. It does not raise my interest because I’m carnivorous.

    The long live noodles, they should not be cut short, for the shortened noodles can have a bad implication. Everyone at the celebration eats the two foods to extend their best wishes to the long-life star. Total bill is RM 420 per table which is a little on the pricey side for Ipoh standard but KL folks will think that it is reasonable.

    Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant is so popular among the locals in Ipoh that it is packed every night. Not only do families come again and again for its good food, but we are often delighted to attend wedding, birthday and anniversary celebrations held here.

    Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant
    57-65 Jalan Verasamy (Verasamy Street)


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