Tony Roma’s @ Sunway Pyramid

    Tony Roma opened Tony Roma’s Place in North Miami 30 years ago. The famous Baby Back ribs emerged as the house specialty that words are spread that Tony Roma’s is THE place for ribs. In fact TR has become a world success story with uncountable number of branches over the world, and now finally it has arrived in Malaysia!

    After the management’s consideration, they made the Tony Roma’s outlet in Malaysia as a Halal outlet. There’s both pros and cons to this, as the legendary pork ribs will not be served but we get to dine in with our friends from all races.

    The laid-back atmosphere encourages relaxed dining.

    hile Tony Roma’s is world famous for its rib dishes, the award-winning restaurant offers diners a well-rounded menu with chicken and beef dishes as well as soups and salads.

    Americans love to accompanied their food with some magaritas, or romanitas as they named it here. Of course theres some bottemless drinks that get your money worth. What we did is we shared some of the bottomless drinks and the serving staff never bother to stop us. Hehehe

    So I’ll let the pictures do the talking here ok? Was to lazy to run through my receipts to name each of the pictures :p.

    Credits must be given to the friendly staff, they have excellent services that make us feel home. Overall the food is good with big portion compared to Chillis of TGIF. I love it that you can actually make your own choice when it comes to side dishes, no more oily and filling fries for me! Their mashed potatoes are authentically american – rich and creamy but I’ll try to avoid their coleslaw next time, there’s just something wrong with it.

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