Restoran Wong Tauge Ayam Kuetiao Ipoh

    Ipoh people has always been claiming that Ipoh hor fun is the best. This is indeed the fact although the hor fun can be found in many other places, Ipoh has the unique recipe that makes the noodle smoother, softer and tastier.

    Many believe the water source with the right PH from the mountains surrounding Ipoh is the main secret behind this special delicacy– Cantonese hor fun – ??).

    Somehow I prefer Onn Kee opposite the oldest and most established name of Lo Wong, but patrons came from other states will still prefer to have a taste of Lo Wong’s nga choi gai.

    Something that is ordered other than the main dish, the pork balls that come with spring onion laden broth.

    The fatter version of beansprouts that are only available in Ipoh. Best to be dipped with the combination of chicken oil, dark soy sauce and sesame oil that make up the sauce. You can feel and hear the crunchiness of these bean sprouts while indulging in it.

    The nga choy kai – ??? that is extremely smooth. I saw them soaking the whole cooked chicken in ice water to retain the juicy and tender texture of the chicken.

    Restoran Wong
    Jalan Yau Tet Shin, Ipoh.
    6.30 pm to midnight


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