Restoran Loy Loy TeohChew Porridge @ Puchong Jaya

    The weather went haywire nowadays, one moment the sun is burning and another moment it was raining cats and dogs. I caught some flu viruses and was craving for some really watery porridge. So kampungboy brought me here because he’s not sure wheter he can cooked up some really ‘watery’ porridge to my liking.

    There are 30++ dishes to be chosen from. Since we went there for late lunch or shall we say early dinner, these are the goodies left.

    This is what I want! I call this the perfect porridge, the key is they grinded the fresh grain and cook them for a long period of time.

    Pork with preserved raddish

    Salted Fish

    Kampungboy’s choice – Rice with minced meat, braised egg and sesame fried chicken.

    The food is not bad over all, everything has to be salty, this is the culture of Teohchew porridge. Price is pretty reasonable tough, additional bowl of porridge or rice costs only RM0.50.


    • Radicalz says:

      wow!! HEBAT!! great draw on the map.. 😀

    • Honey Star says:

      mmmm, i love Teochew Porridge! There is a very good one near Taman Desa Aman Cheras. Good but pricey. Gets very crowded during weekends.

      P/s: Get well soon citygal!

    • cookies_cream says:

      Teo Chew porridge~ It’s been some time since I last makan teo chew porridge. Miss them so much~ :'( The nice one I tried before was at Pudu Plaza’s food court. They serves nice teo chew dishes selection but pricey leh~

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      Rad: thanks woooo

      Honeystar: thanks thanks..good stuff shouldnt be pricey :p

      Cookies cream: Yeah i heard about this place but haven tried it..

    • tekko says:

      This shop suddenly opened so many branches in Puchong… there is another branch just opposite Tesco (other side LDP), and one more at Puchong Jaya same row with Old Town Kopitiam.

    • lily says:

      i’m a supplier for nasi lemak daun pisang around puchong and petaling jaya.i’m the lucky supplier if can supply to all ur store.1 pack rm1.00 and can be sell by restaurant around rm1.30-rm1.50.if u interested pls call me directly at 0172684827 for appoiment and further information.

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