Lok Wui Kui @ Ipoh New Town

    My long weekend home was a blast! I did some Kopitiam Hopping with my parents with my yawning mouth and half opened eyes. Soon after their routine exercise in the morning, it has become a ritualistic past time for them to sip on their cup of coffee and have a long chat with friends in these old styled Kopotiam. We headed to Lok Wui Kui, Ipoh New Town this time.

    Modernised Kopitiam who grow like mushroom after rain disgusted me sometimes. They served some yucky taste coffee, non authentic kopitiam food such as instant noodles, pasta, fries, etc.

    I feel lucly being an Ipoh girl, blessed with the famous balanced PH water (who bornes crunchy taugeh and Ipoh girls with perfect complexion) and numerious old styled Kopitiam.

    Dad’s choice – Kopi O

    Teh Peng and White Coffee Peng

    Duck Noodles with Herbal Soup. Hmmm I see some longans, wolfberry and red dates. The soup is subtlely sweet that you can finish the whole thing.

    The overrated Hor Hee that represent Lok Wui Kui. I suspected that the soup is sugar laden that it is too sweet for my liking.

    The slightly overrated Shredded Chicken Hor Fun (Flat rice noodles). Lou Wong or Onn Kee serve better Hor Fun and chicken.

    Custard with caramel – A friend of mine told me that yellow and soft stuff are all good stuff (Custard, Cream Cheese, creme brulee, whipped cream). I agree with that totally as this is heaven! It comes with a glass of plain water to wash away the sweetness. Thean Chun (Next to Kong Heng) at Jalan Timah, Old Town serves some kick ass custard too!

    My mum’s favourite ROJAK. She has to get it back if she’s around the town area.

    How to get here?

    Lok Wui Kui is located at the corner of Jalan Raja Musa Azis(Anderson Rd) and Jln Mustapha A Al-Bakri (Clare St) and opposite Kamdar textile.

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