Kampung Boy and City Gal in Action~!~

    Exam Week = Sturdee Sturdee Sturdee = No Time To Cook (A decent meal but get to cook lotsa junksssss)

    So this is a post dedicated to our parents..Your daughter/son are not taking their health for granted..Despite allocating time for studying, they cooked their very own decent meal too..

    Butter rice: Heat the pan and melt some butter, stir fry the grains till you get the butterly aroma..Throw everything into rice cooker and continue your daily ritual of rice cooking (Add water, on the switch, close the lid..)

    Ooo..My getting rid of my leftover cabbage..Throw everything inside the anchovies soup..

    Beautiful..Omelette done by Kampungboy..He kept it simple by juz adding some salt n pepper..

    Deep Fried Dory Fish..NO bread crumps No corn flour No plain flour..How?? He uses the fried chicken powder leftover from our last attempt on fried chicken..

    Surprisingly it turns out soooo crispy and nice..



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