Kajang Satay Revisited and Thai Fair @ South City Plaza

    I forgot whether this is my fifth or sixth visit to Kajang for Satays. Well, that is not so important, as long as I can remember my very FED UP visit this time. Still remember that I give very good review on Kajang Sate Hj Samuri for my past visit that my friend thought that I receive some form of compensation?
    Initially, we planned to get into the shaded area because the outdoor area is kind of smoky and my housemate has asthma. However, they blocked us from entering because they just mop the floor and they doesnt want to repeat their work for second time. It’s only 9 pm ok?
    One thing I couldn’t understand is why the owner hire so many workers with so little work for them around the place (Utilization of Human Resource is so important)? Most of them sit there doing nothing, smoking and flirting with some girls. Worst of all, they shifted their seats and stick their butt in front of us, stare at us from head to toe that we (the girls) have to swap places with the guys.

    I ordered 20 chicken satays for take away. When I go down to collect my take aways, they give me 30 satays and sort of force me to pay for it. No way! I insisted that I wan 20 and I paid for it while swearing inside my heart.
    They raised their price silently too. A chicken or beef satay costs rm 0.60 now and a lamb satay costs rm0.90.
    Sorry for the poor quality of these pictures because I’m very noob in flashing my camera in very dark place. What kind of mode should I use instead of just ON the flash? You can refer to my previous post for some really nice pictures to get you drools.

    We spotted Thai Fair again! We were too full after the Mexim Dim Sum so we share a bowl of Tom Yam. Satisfying

    Above: Steamed tapioca cake, Udang Golong and Popiah

    Thai Fair in South City Plaza will lasts until 1st of May. Their next stop will be at Amcorp Mall till 1st of June.


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