The Waterlily Cafe @ Bandar Puchong **Happy Bday to Me**

    I had a small pre-bday celebration with my girls at this place. Their menu are basically all Barbeque stuff, nasi lemak and mee. One thing to mention here, they are really great in those barbeque stuff. It’s never too dry or raw. This is my third visit here and I shall be coming back.
    It’s located at the same building (IOI Business Centre) as Binary University College.

    Food are great..Price is reasonable..Ambience is great for get-togethers..

    Cendol Ice..Done in ice blended way..Quite milky

    Soursop Blended..Instantly Refreshed!

    Special ABC

    Fried Yam Cake (RM 4.90) ..Their signature snack..

    BBQ Chicken Set with Potato Wedges, Homemade Sauce and Apple Coleslaw (RM10.90)

    Quarter Chicken..Nicely done..Why can’t i get the same outcome for my BBQ ??

    Nasi Lemak with Chicken Rendang (RM6)..Love the strong aroma of lemongrass..

    Nasi Lemak with BBQ Chicken(RM10.90)

    They actually gave quarter chicken..It’s a big portion for any girl..

    We requested for their sambal again and again..Can’t get enough of it..

    Nasi Lemak with BBQ Squid (RM 14.90)

    I had a bite of it.. It’s unexpectedly soft..Yummy

    My hot and sexy housemates

    From left: Yiquan, Suyen, June, Leeping, Munlin and Citygal

    Ooo..Piece of my bday cake..One of my favourite cake from Secret Recipe

    Thanks go to everyone who reminded that I’m one year older..You guys are awesome! I love you guys so much!..I received lovely sms and wishes from some of my old acquaintances..Pressies from Kampungboy,housemates, seniors and good frenz.. For me it’s just another day..But getting to know that you are being care and loved is the greatest thing in life..


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