Ah Di Bakuteh @ Dengkil

    Dengkil is considered as a deserted place for most city folks. However, this ordinary small town is hiden with lots of specialties, especially Chinese food as they have a large Chinese community here. I have never thought of doing reviews on food from Dengkil until i read the entry from Wanton Production featuring Dengkil BKT. He went to Hao Wei Dao bakuteh which is located at a corner shophouse facing the main road. This time, We (KampungBoy and Me), Munlin, Leeping and Yong Zhi ventured beyond those shophouses and found Ah Di Bakuteh. Drive along the main road till you see the Dengkil Seafood Restaurant, Ah Di BKT is located just beside it. It’s a wooden house with zinc rooftop and there’s no signboards stating that they are actually the famous Ah Di BKT.

    Dial this number if you are having difficulties to get here.

    Never judge a book by its cover..Never judge the food by the shop’s layout

    Tea leaf selection..Headache

    Tea is a MUST when you are having BKT as it will clears the “jelak-ness” resulting from too much of fatty pork.

    WHOOOOA..CityGal’s favourite! Nice to be eaten after it is soaked in the BKT soup

    The claypot consists of pork ribs, pork intestines and “fu zuk”.. Slurp Slurp..The soup tastes so good!

    The meat is soft and tender and the herbally aroma added a perfect tint to it.

    Usually people take BKT with plain rice..

    Guess what the eccentric CityGal want to do with the fried onions?

    I like my rice to be served with some dark sauce and fried onions..Trust me! Its delicious!


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