Riche Montana Bakery, South City Plaza

    Riche Montana Bakery is runned and managed by 100% Japanese. Their cakes, pastries, buns and puffs are very Nippon-ish – delicacy and varieties

    I dun mind working here..

    No girls can resist these.. The Bear Cake is as Kawaii as Just Heavenly’s chocolate monkey cake right??

    Buns and Pastries

    Cookies Assortments-RM7++ per 100g

    The best cream puff in town~!! Creamy custard and fluffy puff..Too bad theres no vanilla’s seed just like Beard Papa’s..RM 1 for each tiny weeny one..

    Blueberry Muffin RM2.50, Corn Cup Cake RM0.70, Snow Ball RM2.00
    After the sweating hot spicy soup in Seri Kembangan, drive down to South CIty Plaza for another 5 minutes for your sweet indulgence..Enjoy your life~

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