Sage Restaurant & Wine Bar @ The Gardens, Mid Valley City


After hearing SO MUCH of good things about Sage, TWO failed attempts in securing a table for two, and getting rejected for walk-in ONCE, we were here finally (drum roll please). We took a lift next to Isetan Departmental Store and my heart jumps, thinking that we were just a few steps away from Sage – the talk of the town. Initially, we were rather surprised to see that The Sage is tucked … [Read more...]

Italiannies (new menu) @ The Gardens, Mid Valley City


  Like clandestine gems hidden at the first floor, the Italiannies outlet at Mid Valley Gardens has a rather cozy and elegant interior. Coupled with the warm lightning and magnificent view overlooking the city, it does enhance the romantic ambience of this cozy little restaurant. Joe, Yee Hou and us were here to sample Italiannies’ new menu that will be fully launched at the 6th of … [Read more...]

Yuzu @ The Gardens, Mid Valley City


  Our Deepavali week was a great one where we manage to meet up with KampungBoy’s sister and her family at Yuzu for lunch. Tucked away in a rather secluded corner at The Gardens, Yuzu is elegantly trimmed in a warm zen-like ambiance and the sophisticated interior here manages to make one forget about the strip center location.   To cure our hunger pangs, King Prawn … [Read more...]

Crystal Jade Restaurant @ Mid Valley Gardens


  To celebrate a friend’s birthday, we decided to splurge on some hearty Chinese food. The choice is rather obvious because we chose to meet at Mid Valley, which house the two of the outlets from Crystal Jade Restaurant chain in Malaysia – Amuleto & Crystal Jade Restaurant. Crystal Jade has been expanding. Other than the existing outlets - Crystal Jade Lai Mian at Lot 10 and C-Jade … [Read more...]

Nong & Jimmy @ Kampung Cahaya Ampang


Despite reading/hearing good reviews about this “little thai shack from Ampang”, it was until now that we make it a point to drop by. Foodies are all about exploring new flavors and ended up with a protruding belly isn’t it? From its humble beginnings as a little shack, it has expanded and the place this place is bursting at the seams. We were thinking that the food must be really good so … [Read more...]

Mr Baoz @ Pavillion KL


Do you still remember these baoz? It was once widely circulated via emails that we can only stare at it. The good news is the franchise that created a baoz craze in Taiwan is now at Pavillion KL and Time Square KL! One can choose from their royal delicacy series, chocolate series, crispy series, snowflake series and steamer series (RM 2.50 to RM 3.50). To make my selection easier, I choose two … [Read more...]

Bazaar Ramadhan @ Jalan Telawi One, Bangsar


There is no better time for us to titillate taste buds than by touring the various bazaars Ramadan over the country this weekend. So, here we go again, another long pictorial post on the wide array of mouth watering local delicacies available at bazaar Ramadan Bangsar (infront of the mosque and aneka selera Bangsar). This time around, we arrived at the bazaar as early as 4pm to avoid the crowds … [Read more...]

Xenri Japanese @ Wisma Elken, Old Klang Road


Chris, Christine, WenChing and EeSiong are leaving to the cooling breezy climates of UK soon. To throw them a farewell dinner, AiWei thought it might be nice to have a meet up before they go. Venue is Xenri, the cozy little Japanese restaurant where SugarBean’s write up on it is being published on The Star Sunday Metro last week. Upon entering, we were greeted with the burnished warmth of … [Read more...]

Villa Danieli @ Hotel Imperial Kuala Lumpur


  Located next to the poolside at the fifth floor of Hotel Imperial is a hidden little Italian cottage that combines exceptional Italian fare with a relaxed and elegant atmosphere.     According to Doris, the director of communication, Italian food is deemed to be wholesome and hearty as opposed to the general perception of Italian food equates fine dining. This is why … [Read more...]

Bazaar Ramadhan @ Taman Tun Dr. Ismail


It’s that time of the year again. The weather is not doing us any good for the past few days but fortunately Sunday evening was all bright and sunny so we stopped by TTDI. The stalls have not changed much compared to last year’s. For your information, there are four MUST TRY in the bazaar - Popiah Power, Nasi Briyani Johor, Ayam Percik and Pulut Udang. How to spot these famous stalls? The … [Read more...]

Four Seasons Restaurant @ Capital Square, Dang Wangi


The talk of town – Four Seasons Roasted Duck from Bayswater is here in Malaysia! I was more than happy to tag along when my colleague suggested lunch there. Despite running business in a rather obscure place, Capsquare, the place is packed to the brim on weekdays lunch hour. I reckon that the crowd will just die off in the evening or worst during the weekends, which is why they choose to be … [Read more...]

Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant @ Mid Valley Gardens


This is a very dated post where my ex colleagues had a little get-together few months back. Spurred by all the positive reviews on Fong Lye that I’ve read , I suggested dinner here. The menu is quite extensive, one can choose from snacks, noodles, rice or the standard set meals that comes with a platter of three appetisers, a bowl of rice with minced pork and a small bowl of soup which … [Read more...]