Winter Solstice Family Dinner


Growing up in a traditional Chinese family, winter solstice is a rather big festival attached with great importance. My mum has always been telling us that we’ll be one year older after finishing bowls of brightly coloured tang yuan, which symbolizes reunion. For me, it is supposed to be a time of gathering with families and friends for a heart warming dinner as such:   (From L to … [Read more...]

Unique Seafood Perak


Our first visit to Unique Seafood falls on Father’s Day, with a lounge full of customers waiting to be seated we were fortunate enough to secure a table shortly. We handed dad the baton of ordering since it was his day. We were expecting jumbo oysters, huge mantis prawns, bigger sized crabs but most of the orders turned out less than satisfactory. According the restaurant manager, those were … [Read more...]

Deuk Deuk Tong (Traditional Sweets)


“Dong Dong Dong”, we were distracted from our scrumptious fare of dim sum in Foo San. A man in his early 30s is holding a pair of flat chisels to break the big block of candies apart. Two packets (RM 3) of Deuk Deuk Tong was brought home then. Having lived in a “mentos” generation, it is something new for us but not for our parents. It has brought back a lot of childhood memories of … [Read more...]

Making Your Own / DIY Fruits Enzyme


Day 5 - See the bubbles? Enzyme bursting with energy!Enzymes are forms of complex proteins that act as catalysts in almost every biochemical process in our body. We have metabolic enzymes which play a role in all body processes including breathing, talking, moving, thinking, behavior and maintenance of the immune system. The second category is the digestive enzymes and the last category, food … [Read more...]