Piza’s Burger


My burger resembles the leaning tower of Piza's right?? Haha! The poor thing is heavily loaded with layers and layers of goodies until it was slightly slanting. Layer 1: Burger buns slathered with (ahem *fattening*)butter Layer 2: Ramli beef burger ( I shall try to do my own version of beef patties..Recipe anyone?) Layer 3: Curry with potatoes, capsicum and tomato … [Read more...]

Homemade Lamb Chop


It's gona to be a super short post. The fun of cooking at home is you can put whatever ingredients at your ease and you can have your own sweet time coz I'm a procrastinator when it comes to cooking. OK..Let's get it started.. First marinate the lamb with some black pepper sauce, cut onions and garlic. Leave it in the fridge(best over night). Fry it or grilled it at slow fire. And the … [Read more...]

Balabalabah..McE Grilled Beef Foldover


My idea was 90 percent inspired by Shawn's 'sampan kebab'..Just pray that i won't be sued for plagiarize his masterpiece. The ingredients are simple, the preparation and cooking is conceptually and practically easy, the substitution of ingredients can be done at ease too. That is why I love Shawn's recipe. Basically it is meant for students staying away from home, but I jotted down some recipe for … [Read more...]

What Comes Into Your Mind When I Say Typical Student Meal


For those who left their schooling days far behind, you might be craving for what you had during your younger time. Instant noodles, Pringles, Chips More, Ping Pong Cream Crackers, Apollos and lots more. There's always a healthier option to those typical student JUNKs. A simple American breakfast with sunny side up, bacons, hash brown, sausages and tomatoes will do. OK, i admit that sausages does … [Read more...]

Home Made Thai Style Dory Fish With Rice


Blog Reader: Wah, looks yummy!! From which eateries one arrrhh?? KampungboyCitygal: Oooo hahaha..It's homemade one larrrrr.. Cyberia Condo loor.. You come we belanja! Third day of study week..We decided to cook our own dinner..It turns out to be a piece of art..Enjoy the picture~! . Home Made Fish N Chip With Rice Pour in generous amount of Mae Nam Thai Chilli Sauce - Taa Dahhh We are … [Read more...]