Vegeria Textured Soya Protein – Mutton Flavour


What is textured soy protein? Textured soy protein, often called TSP, is used by the food industry in many foods products, mainly foods that resemble meat products such as beef, pork or chicken. Textured soy protein is also available in health stores. It is granular in texture and once rehydrated it has the texture of minced beef. Textured soy protein is also available in larger pieces that take … [Read more...]

Comfort food on a cold rainy day


I tend to feel blue on a rainy day..I can just lie on my bed doing nothing because the weather is moody and chilling..To ward off the chill, I love sipping on a cup of hot chocolate, or having something warm.. A bowl of hot miso soup with carrots and tofu Or crispy roti canai will do..I use to buy every single brand of roti canai but eventually I settle down with this one..Kawan's roti canai … [Read more...]