Banana Fritters


Feel like posting a picture of this cute kitty at our condo block. Kampungboy and me stay beside to each other, and sometimes we like to talk or passing stuff (esp food) at our balcony. Each time we were talking happily and stare up, we can see this cute kitty lazing around at the edge of the balcony belongs to the resident staying upstairs. It seems like a dangerous act that would jeoperdize … [Read more...]

Winter Melon Soup with dried longan and rock sugar.


Buy a whole winter melon and cut off the top, remove the seeds or not depending on your own preference, place the water, dried longan and rock sugar and steam for 3 hours until the winter melon turn soft. Can see the steam?? Hmmmm..I think its done perfectly..Coz my first attempt was a failure..:( Winter Melon flesh can ease urination, the seed has whitening effect, the skin can be used as … [Read more...]