Stir Fry Rice Vermicelli with Roasted Pork (Siu Yoke Mee Hoon)


(Non-Halal)   Ingredients rice vermicelli (mai fun), soaked for 10–15 minutes until soft, and drained 1 egg ½ cup shredded carrot ½ cup shredded cabbage ½ cup long beans 1–2 tsp oil 3 slices ginger, finely chopped 1 tsp chopped garlic Sauce ingredients – (combined) 2 tbsp light soy sauce 2 tbsp tom yam sauce 2 tbsp oyster sauce ¾ … [Read more...]

My First Attempt on Curry Fish Head


Recipe from Rose's Kitchen Ingredients: 1 fish head (about 1 kg) 2 round purple brinjals, quartered 4 pieces tender lady’s fingers 3 tomatoes, quartered 2 sprigs curry leaves 4 green chillies, slit half way lengthwise 5 red chillies, slit half way lengthwise 2 big onions, sliced thinly 2 cloves garlic, sliced thinly 1/2 thumb-size ginger, shredded 1 tbsp mixed curry seeds for … [Read more...]

My First Wantan Production


Congrats to Wje Jon from Wantan Production and ST for their marriage! I'm wishing the newly weds the life of love and togetherness. Coincidently, as i ran through my old pictures, I found some home cooked wantan pictures.Ya, they look awful because this is my first time of making a wantan from scratch. Hmmm not really from scatch, as I bought ready made wantan skin instead of beating the eggs, … [Read more...]

The Wonders of Spicy Minced Meat


Minced meat serves Lazy or Busy people well who wish to do some cooking at home. Dry mee tastes good topped with minced meat. Tofu doesn't taste so plain anymore with some savoury taste. Carnivorous would find vege dish interesting as they can digged through it for some minced meat. You can even use mix it over with some pasta to create the 'Fusionness' too.So who can resist the wonders of minced … [Read more...]

Shanghai Nien Gao (Rice Cake) aka Park Kor Meen aka Bai Guo Gan


Hie! My name is Pak Kor Meen, some people prefer to call me Shanghai rice cake or Bai Guo Gan. I'm of FooChow origins and I'm a rice flour based product. Kuey teows or any rice flour staple food are my cousins.Basically I have a uniform size, which is a good thing for me because I will never grow fatter or thinner. Girls who say that I tasted yucky are just envious of me! I'm a stuborn piece of … [Read more...]

What’s for Tea? Bite Size Club Sandwich and Bacon Wrapped Enoki


Take time during the tea to have each person share their special cup or a special tea time memory. I still remember how my mum take her own sweet time to prepare the family tea. It would be very local with some Hainanese Kopi O, nyonya kueh, banana fritters and apam balik. Me myself prefer something western as the preparation is less trouble some. Bacon wrapped enoki is the cross over of east and … [Read more...]

Kampung Boy and City Gal in Action~!~


Exam Week = Sturdee Sturdee Sturdee = No Time To Cook (A decent meal but get to cook lotsa junksssss) So this is a post dedicated to our parents..Your daughter/son are not taking their health for granted..Despite allocating time for studying, they cooked their very own decent meal too.. Butter rice: Heat the pan and melt some butter, stir fry the grains till you get the butterly aroma..Throw … [Read more...]

Homemade Penang Lobak


Collabarative work of mummy and me!! My mum kept this newspaper cutting of Amy Beh's recipe on Penang Lobak. She's having her mass production of lobaks (with pork) to distract us from having any chicken dish because noone in my family can resist this yummy and evil roll. I can't seem to find the online recipe from Kuali, the search result shows me the recipes for dipping sauce instead of the … [Read more...]

Sweet and Sour Fish for Dinner


I haven been taking chicken for quite some time. The recent outbreaks in Perak make me a coward when it comes to bird poultry. Sarcastically, I take eggs occasionally. Haha! Actually this sweet and sour fish is an impulsive kind of thing, but somehow it is similiar to the recipe that I found in Kuali. The only difference is that I choose not to deep fried the fish, because FAT DEE lar! I stir … [Read more...]

Cooking Class for Dummies


A lot of dummies friend message me lately, asking me how do I manage to come out with so many good stuff while I'm busy coping for my studies, assignments and stuff. Me myself was a dummy way back at home. Staying away from home means that I have to be independent and learn how to take good care of myself. I'm not saying that I'm a real PRO in cooking because I'm still in the process of learning. … [Read more...]

Weekend Meals


Another lazy weekend at home..Haha Citygal managed to finish 20 episodes of drama in two days..Imba..Other than drama-ing, cooking ignites her interest too.. Perhaps I'm the youngest domestic goddess ever..SIgh *_* Ladies and gentleman..We are proudly to present Honey Roasted Chicken Wing..Kids love this the most.. I substitute honey with brown sugar for the nice brownish colour but it lack … [Read more...]

Stir-Fry Yee Mee and Deep Fried Yuki Tofu


Another lazy day to dine out..SO we came out with this mess.. Haha.. But it taste real good... A Ingredients: Whatever food that you wana get rid of. For our case, we use button mushroom, leftover brocolis, cabbage, leftover dory fish fillets and eggs. B Seasoning: 1 tbsp light soy sauce, 1 tbsp dark soy sauce, 1 tbsp sesame oil, pepper and some tumis. Simmer the yeemee, vege and fish in … [Read more...]