Jing Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum @ Damansara Jaya


With my bed hair and early morning sleepy eyes, I wrote my name on the perpetual waiting list at Jing Xuan and stand by the road side with a bunch of hungry people who loves their morning fix. “What’s with these DJ people? I can easily make money by opening a decent dim sum place around Atria!” I can’t help but to keep complaining. Glad that we manage to secure a table after a mere 20 … [Read more...]

Hong Kee Dim Sum @ Damansara Jaya


I blame it on food bloggers, with reviews like this, this ,this and this, Hong Kee Dim Sum is now pack to the brim every weekends. Like an annoying pest, we stood beside tables that look rather promising with rules of thumb like least food left on the table, the man is digging out $$, the woman is packing and kids were asked to finish the last sip of tea. The legendary items like sang chao lor … [Read more...]

Oriental Spoon @ Sooka Sentral


“Hi guys, can do me a favor? I need a Mandarin-English translator as I’m doing an interview with a China chinese chef from Oriental Spoon.” “Sure! We would love to!” In fact, Chef Yu, who was hailed all the way from Guangzhou, China, speaks his mother tongue so accurately and succinctly that will put our “mangonese” (Malaysian Cantonese) into shame. Jason Ipoh Mali has no problem … [Read more...]