Ming Court Dim Sum


Ipoh is famous for Hong Kong style Dim Sum and usually tourists will opt for the famous Foh San. But personally i think that Ming Court Dim Sum is the best Dim Sum in Ipoh. Maybe its because of my childhood memory. Every Sunday, Dad would take us to Yum Cha and we went to Ming Court quite frequently.Please dun get me wrong, as there's no Ming Court Hotel in Ipoh, it's simply MING COURT HK DIM SUM. … [Read more...]

Foh San Dim Sum


Dear Blog (and Dear Readers):Sorry for the negligance of 3 whole weeks. My laptop breaks down and I lost most of my precious food pictures. It's a tragic for me indeed. I have tonnes of stuff that would like to be shared with you guys.The first week of holiday we had an Makan Makan Around Perak thingy and our tummy is in bloated form every single say (too bad most of the pictures are..sigh), … [Read more...]

Restoran Sri Murni @ SS2 Revisited


I believed that Murni SS2 needs no furthur introduction. They have the most extensive menu among all the other mamak, you name it, they have it. However every table seems to order the same thing - cheese naaan, roti hawaii, claypot lou shu fan, their special drinks with nata de coco, longans and watermelon cubes.I brought my friend Ching Yee who came all the way from Setapak to stay overnight at … [Read more...]

Vegeria Textured Soya Protein – Mutton Flavour


What is textured soy protein? Textured soy protein, often called TSP, is used by the food industry in many foods products, mainly foods that resemble meat products such as beef, pork or chicken. Textured soy protein is also available in health stores. It is granular in texture and once rehydrated it has the texture of minced beef. Textured soy protein is also available in larger pieces that take … [Read more...]

My First Wantan Production


Congrats to Wje Jon from Wantan Production and ST for their marriage! I'm wishing the newly weds the life of love and togetherness. Coincidently, as i ran through my old pictures, I found some home cooked wantan pictures.Ya, they look awful because this is my first time of making a wantan from scratch. Hmmm not really from scatch, as I bought ready made wantan skin instead of beating the eggs, … [Read more...]

Tai Thong Imperial Palace @ Puchong


Mango Delight from Celi Cakes HartamasTriple Fudge from Celi Cakes HartamasThe birthday boy - Alan celebrating his 21st yr old bday and our friend from korean Rome celebrating his 19th yr old bday.Rome and I in matching outfit :) Shhhhh..Don't let jealousy overcome Kampungboy!The group picture. Impressive no?? Thanks Alan for footing the bill!P/s : will update captions after my study week n exam … [Read more...]

Dae Sa Kwan Korean BBQ @ Desa Sri Hartamas


A huge increase of Korean restaurants, retailers and groceries stores around Sri Hartamas is seen, particularly because Hartamas and Bukit Kiara attracts a high expatriate population with Japanese and Korean who comprise almost half the total residential population.It's hard to make up our mind as there was too much of korean restaurants available, the heavy rain pour made the decision. We settled … [Read more...]

Of Xiao Long Baos and La Mien Part II


I'll be featuring Crystal Jade @ Lot 10 for my part II of Lamiens and Xiao Long Baos. I brought along my roomie Suyen and some new makan kaki - my classmate Mr. S and his cousin Mr. A who had just came back from Cambridge. It's quite ridiculous if feed Mr. A with western food upon his arrival right? So we opt for something Chinese, and I hope that he's craving for Chinese food.Yeah, in terms of … [Read more...]

Of Xiao Long Baos and La Mien Part I


Dragon I has opened up their fourth branch in Malaysia (the previous branches would be at Cititel Midvalley, Central BU and One Utama New Wing). Whoa, at least there's something new at Sunway Pyramid other than Zen's and Kim Gary! It seems like there's a spur of Shanghai food replacing the trend of HK char chan teng concept.Previously Hartz Chicken Buffet is running on this place, but they shifted … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday to Imba Peh


Happy 21st Birthday to Kenny, our ever helpful friend who had an early celebration at Halo Cafe, Sunway.Halo Cafe started with its first outlet located in Chi Cheong Gai (China Town). It's operated with a unique concept of combining entertainment activities with F&B services. It's a great place to chill out with friends, while listening to the great voices of some talented singers.Halo Cafe is … [Read more...]

The Wonders of Spicy Minced Meat


Minced meat serves Lazy or Busy people well who wish to do some cooking at home. Dry mee tastes good topped with minced meat. Tofu doesn't taste so plain anymore with some savoury taste. Carnivorous would find vege dish interesting as they can digged through it for some minced meat. You can even use mix it over with some pasta to create the 'Fusionness' too.So who can resist the wonders of minced … [Read more...]

Fun Facts : Kopi Luwak – The most expensive coffee in the world


Since the Fun Facts on Bakuteh spurs the 'readership' of my blog, I'd decided to have a FUN FACTS posting every months until I ran out of interesting facts.What comes into your mind when I say premium coffee? Jamaican Blue Mountain? Kona? Tanzanian Peaberry? I believe that most of you knew that it was Kopi Luwak who conquers the hearts of many coffee lovers.tKopi Luwak comes from the islands of … [Read more...]

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