Bai Tian Gong during Chinese New Year


The ninth day of Chinese New Year is a significant day for the Hokkiens, it is a day of gratitude for their ancestors’ relive. I still remember the story that my primary school teacher told me vividly.Long time ago, some intruders invade the Hokkien province and when they ask the locals what is their origins, they answered “Hok-Kien-Lang”. The intruders misinterpreted it as LANG (wolf) and … [Read more...]

Birthday Celebration @ New Paris SS2


Thanks go to everyone who reminded me that I'm older by one year. You guys are awesome! I received lovely sms and wishes from some of my old acquantances too. For me it's just another say but getting to know that yo uare being care and loved is the greatest thing in life.Last weekend, we had a gathering cum birthday celebration at New Paris SS2 because the food is good during my previous visit … [Read more...]



Dear Citygal,SWEET Messageto aSWEET Personfor aSWEET Reasonat aSWEET Timeon aSWEET Dayin aSWEET MonthtoWelCOME a SWEET BIRTHDAY!Wish Citygal SWEET always.HAPPY BIRTHDAY!~Dearest Kampungboy~ … [Read more...]



Dear Citygal,SWEET Messageto aSWEET Personfor aSWEET Reasonat aSWEET Timeon aSWEET Dayin aSWEET MonthtoWelCOME a SWEET BIRTHDAY!Wish Citygal SWEET always.HAPPY BIRTHDAY!~Dearest Kampungboy~ … [Read more...]

Hot Mama @ Sungai Wang


I always try to avoid Sungai Wang Plaza at all cost during weekends and festive seasons. It's always bustling and crowded and hence this is only my fourth visit here. Clueless on where to dine in, Hot Mama pops up in my mind as it has been reviewed by quite a number of floggers.Hot Mama is a halal malaysianized vietnamese restaurant that resides at the 4th floor of SWP. The orange coloured themed … [Read more...]

Restoran Sin Kim Leng @ Jenjarom


We ventured into Banting/Jenjarum area last weekend. The ride was bumpy and it took us 45 minutes to reach here from Cyberjaya. Our tour guide recommended this place because the famous begger's chicken in Banting requires booking one week in advance. It's along the way to FGS Dong Zen Temple, Jenjarom.Mantis Prawns in Gong Pou style. The fried mantis prawn flesh turned out soggy and it's a bit … [Read more...]

SOHO by Jun @ One Utama


Are you one of those one of anti-Valentine's Day zealots, thinking that it was commercialized and hated the endless jams, booming prices of flowers and the stress of locating a nice fancy restaurant.In fact, I heart Valentine's Day. It's a day where you shows your loved one how much you appreciate them, not with fancy luxurious gift, but with a small hand made card or notes. I know V day hatreds … [Read more...]

Friendster Cafe@Damansara Perdana


After SOHO, we dropped by here to meet up with Kampungboy's friends. A lot of you must be wondering, how could it get away from the trademark issues by using the same name as our friends making portal? The friend making portal friendster uses a small s while the Friendster cafe uses an capital F. Smart huh??The outdoor setting is cosy and intimate, great place to chill out with friends. there is … [Read more...]

Hon Kee Porridge @ Petaling Street


Hon Kee porridge has gained some fame among the food bloggers with so many good reviews written. Other than that, Ho Chak! in Channel 8 was giving a lot of free publicity to this particular stall too.I love to plonk some yao char kuey into my porridge. The sensation is like dipping crackers into hot milo. Heaven!The plain porridge that comes with raw fish slices. The porridge is cooked with … [Read more...]

Nasi Kandar Yong Suan @ Jln Yong Kalsom, Ipoh


The restaurant fills to the brim during lunch every day, don't be scared off by the queues because it's worth while to wait. The nasi kandar stall has been selling for over 50 years, my dad has been eating the same nasi kandar since he was a kid. The Sidek brothers have done a good job in maintaining originality and quality. The popular dishes are ayam masak merah, fish curry and black pomfret … [Read more...]

Snacks for Chinese New Year


One of the most important thing about Chinese New Year is the food, of course it has to come after your family, friends and companions. Chinese New Year is a chance where people enjoy huge feasts, socialize and pig out! I tend to forget about my weight watch or work out during the period and I'll carry with me the flabby meat until Chap Goh Meh. Chinese New Year is also known for its … [Read more...]

Muachi and Sweet Potato Balls @ Petaling Street


Petaling Street has always been our favourite place to hang out if we feel semangat to wake up early in the weekend. It feels good nibbing on snacks bought from the stalls here while we were walking around.Assorted fruity flavours are available other than the plain version. I still prefer the plain glutinious rice to be covered in sugar and pounded ground nuts. It's not the best Muachi that I've … [Read more...]

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