Tony Roma’s @ Sunway Pyramid


Tony Roma opened Tony Roma’s Place in North Miami 30 years ago. The famous Baby Back ribs emerged as the house specialty that words are spread that Tony Roma’s is THE place for ribs. In fact TR has become a world success story with uncountable number of branches over the world, and now finally it has arrived in Malaysia! After the management's consideration, they made the Tony Roma's outlet in … [Read more...]

Restoran Ho Fun and KTZ, ss2


To satisfy my constantly cravings for Lo Wong and Onn Kee Ipoh, Kgboy brought me to Restoran Ho Fun SS2 last weekend. The Chinese signage stated that they are the New Lo Wong from Ipoh which serves Hor Fun and bean sprout chicken. I doubt that, are they the real branch of Lo Wong or just a Lo Wong wanna-be? Nevermind though, I can differentiate it with my taste bud.Kampungboy had the drumstick … [Read more...]

Eat Drink GuangZhou


Guangzhou cuisine is one of the greatest pleasure that one has. According to my tour guide, any creature flying in the sky, crawling on the around, swimming in water can find a way on to menu to become a dish unforgettable to a gourmet.To my greatest surprise (or horror), I spotted some stalls selling dog meat. Whilst some countries in Asia such as Hong Kong, the Philippines and Taiwan have banned … [Read more...]

Eat Drink Hong Kong Part 2


Hui Lao Shan ???With a deceiving appearence with resembles some Chinese medicine place like Gong WohTong (for kwai ling kou), Hui Lao Shan is a heaven! Actually Hui Lao Shan started as a Kwai Ling Kou place in 1960s' but eventually they evolved into a mango specialty place.Offering a variety of fruit smoothies, sago, grass jelly, and ice cream treats all based around mangoes and fresh fruit, hui … [Read more...]

Eat Drink Hong Kong Part 1


Sorry for the lack of update for the pass few days as Citygal took a break to Hong Kong and China with her family. Everyone knows that Hong Kong is a gourmet paradise renowned for its exotic fusion of Eastern and Western flavours along with a wide variety of culinary delights.Street FoodWhen it comes to hawker food, theres's a wide variety to be chosen from. Hygenic is not a problem as the high … [Read more...]

Pig Out Day @ Restoran Meaty House Taipan Triangle


Sorry to my Muslim readers as the following post will be completely non halal. The Meaty House as its name suggests, their menu made out of pork dishes mostly, from Western like German knuckle to Oriental's bak- kut-teh, they have it all. The chain of restaurant is established by couple Willy and Nina Wong. Quality is ensured with ISO 9001 as they also own their own pig rearing business in … [Read more...]

The making of Pai Tee (Top Hats)


Pai Tee, a Nyonya delicacy is a popular treat in my family. The children will usually bugged my mum for making it. It requires a lot of patience because the making of the cases is tedious and so mum will make it a special treat on certain occasions such as the annual CHINs' gathering. First, whisk the batter with hand until it becomes smooth. Then the iron mould is heated in oil, then dipped … [Read more...]

Hari Raya Open House


We managed to tailed up with some feeling of Raya after the semester break when Kampungboy's coursemate Shaiful warmheartedly invited us to his place for lunch. His family welcomed us with open arms and we greeted them while staring at the table full of food.Shaiful's mum took up the whole morning to prepare us dishes such as Ikan bakar (Grilled fish wrapped in banana leaf), Ayam goreng kunyit … [Read more...]

A taste of Ipoh Old Town


In the 80s the Kinta Valley tin rush brought an influx of Chinese immigrants to Ipoh. Many of them made money and instill their root here. They have created the best preserved Chinatown which eventually become our Ipoh Old Town Kao Kai Cheong.Old Town is always a pride of Ipoh people with the origination of White Coffee, curry noodles who made their name to foreign land, hor hee that attracts … [Read more...]

Restoran Wong Tauge Ayam Kuetiao Ipoh


Ipoh people has always been claiming that Ipoh hor fun is the best. This is indeed the fact although the hor fun can be found in many other places, Ipoh has the unique recipe that makes the noodle smoother, softer and tastier. Many believe the water source with the right PH from the mountains surrounding Ipoh is the main secret behind this special delicacy- Cantonese hor fun - ??).Somehow I prefer … [Read more...]

Restoran Yau Kee @ Kampar Perak


What this quiet little town 45 min away from Ipoh has to offer? Friendly folks, bustles of motorcycles in the day time, TAR college, claypot rice, Gai Zai Beng (some sweet and savoury crispy cookies) and curry chicken bun from Yau Kee!Liang is posing with the paper board man, owner Mr Yau. Beggar's Bread from Hong Kong actually inspired him with the idea of coming out with stuffed curry bread in … [Read more...]

Ming Court Dim Sum


Ipoh is famous for Hong Kong style Dim Sum and usually tourists will opt for the famous Foh San. But personally i think that Ming Court Dim Sum is the best Dim Sum in Ipoh. Maybe its because of my childhood memory. Every Sunday, Dad would take us to Yum Cha and we went to Ming Court quite frequently.Please dun get me wrong, as there's no Ming Court Hotel in Ipoh, it's simply MING COURT HK DIM SUM. … [Read more...]

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