A Delicious Farewell @ Delicious Cafe


Tucked away in a corner on One Utama New Wing first floor, Delicious Cafe has attracted customers from far and wide with food that lives up to its name and relaxed ambience. A farewell party was thrown in my colleague, Yen Jun's honor, it was taken as momentos of the good times by us, the faithful patrons.To start off, we had watermelon and lychee blast. The cool and refreshing watermelon and … [Read more...]

New Formosa Taiwan Restaurant @ SS2 II


I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Jeannie Lee for the scrumptious dinner served and fellow floggers for such a memorable night. I guess that I do not have to elaborate on New Formosa's food further as their fame has spread across linguistic and cultural boundaries. It succeed in making their Taiwanese customers feel at home while we Malaysian simply love the diverse and delicious … [Read more...]

Martell V.S.O.P @ Twentyone Kitchen & Bar


Locating at a superb location at Changkat Bukit Bintang, the spanking new Twentyone Kitchen and Bar is chosen for this month Martell presents KLUE  event. The menu offers a large variesties of dishes but the fusion cuisine clearly dominates, it is also a great place for a drink or two as you can see, the bar is heaving with bottles of alcohols. It offers a spacious interior with bright … [Read more...]

Ka Soh @ Medan Damansara


I never realized that Vintry, Ka-Soh and Rib Shop are located just behind Victoria Station, my most familiar sight on the way to work everyday. Despite its inauspicious location, Vintry was full when we arrived. We thought nevermind, since we can order their porky goody from Ka-Soh or Rib Shop, just like how we get to eat fish head noodles in Vintry. I feel like a fool to tell Ka-Soh waitress that … [Read more...]

Restoran Seng Lee @ Damansara Heights [CLOSED]


Another write up on Damansara Height’s corporate slave luncheon by KampungboyCitygal. So we met tankiasu at our office building, in his turbo jet car, we went to get char siu bao and xiu long bao, then off we go to Seng Lee’s, grabbed a seat, waited for food to arrive, took pictures, chit chatting, dropped char siu bao and xiu long bao, and we got back to our office. All these happened … [Read more...]

Restoran Lam Mee @ Damansara Uptown


We actually had fun scouring the new neighbourhood every weekends.Our usual hang out place would be Damansara Uptown, and the same row particularly, Kajang Sate Haji Samuri, Damansara Hokkien Mee, Hing Loong Taiwanese Noodles, etc are just a stone throw away from our new place. I'll start Restoran Lam Mee first, according to KY Speaks, its actually the sister outlet of May King Lam Mee at Pudu.The … [Read more...]

New Formosa Taiwan Restaurant @ SS2


Another don't-feel-like-going-home yet-Friday night, we could not make up our mind on where for dinner, so we just drove around SS2 hoping to located some new places with some crowds. The word Famosa or Formosa something flashed across so mind, I remembered that boolicious blogged about this place before, so I smsed her for the address and contact number, and she kindly suggested some of the … [Read more...]

48 Hours With Rome’s Family – Part II


During the dinner, Rome's dad asked where have we been for the pass few days. We answered him by shopping, shopping and shopping. He suggested that we should visit some historical sites to get a glimpse of the past and present of Korea. So the next morning, we obediently went for a tour at Changdeokgung. Hup Lim posing with his old school carChangdeokgung, the Palace of Illustrious Virtue, is … [Read more...]

48 Hours With Rome’s Family – Part I


Vic, Hups, Suyen, Yiquan, Munlin, Leeping, our dear korean friends and Rome's family, these are the people who mark a memorable chapter in my trip. Gosh, everything about the trip keep flashing in my mind. I miss everyone so much! I hope that everyone is safe, happy and warm with their loved one.OK, let's get back to the point. Rome's family invited us for dinner the Army Club in Ministry of … [Read more...]

Best Korean Restaurant In Seoul


Let's start with something fun and hilarious before the food review. We are having fun trying on various headgears at the sticker photo booth.Here we are, the best korean restaurant in Seoul. Feel free to drop by their webpage at www.mdkj.co.kr. I do hope that they can come up with an English version webpage. Its located at the famous fashion district MyeongDong, one can spot this place easily … [Read more...]

The Pancake Loving Nation


We stumble upon a bindaeduk (Korean Pancake) stall along Jong No Sam Ga (Jong No 3rd Street) which is just stone throw away from our hostel. It is actually green bean pancakes ground up and mixed with bean sprouts and seafood fried in oil. Ajusshi (uncle) was too busy to entertain us, the english speaking aliens because it was full house inside! I spotted working men having a biteful of bindaeduk … [Read more...]

First Taste of Korea


Thanks to June, Kenny, Chinkuang and Yichang who came all the way to KLIA just to send us off. I shall see you guys on 23rd June at my place again. The plane ride was unbearably long eventhough it takes only 7 hours because it is impossible for me to get my beauty sleep. It felt very claustrophobic because I was surrounded by screaming and crying babies. Upon arrival at Incheon Airport, we were so … [Read more...]