Ernest Zacharevic and #ArtofOldTown


Just a two-hour drive up north from Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, the capital city of Perak state, was once a booming tin mining town during the British colonial era. However, the collapse of tin prices and closure of tin mines in the late 1970s meant that the town lost some of its lustre over the years. Activities slowed down and migrants moved out, leaving behind grand old buildings – the clock tower, … [Read more...]

Hennessy Appreciation Grows 2014 at Danga Bay, Johor Bahru


Hennessy X.O. Appreciation Grows is one of those dinner events which I look forward to every year. The amount of care and attention to detail that is devoted to the event is impressive. This year, we sailed into Danga Bay, Johor Bahru for a night of fine cuisine, camaraderie and exquisite cognac. We had the privilege to experience the ultimate Hennessy experience through an evening of fine … [Read more...]

Make Your Travel Wish Now!


Our world is truly magnificent and we have only seen a fraction of it. Travel is one of our main priorities in life and everyone should have a travel bucket list. In Asia, we wish to visit Nepal, Japan, India and Sri Lanka some day. These countries are made up of an alluring collection of ancient wonders, modern marvels and natural landmarks in which one should see at least once in their … [Read more...]

World Cup Fever with KIA!


Just a few days ago, we visited the KIA On Tour road show held in Suria KLCC. Do you know that KIA is the official partner of FIFA World Cup Brazil? KIA is supplying official vehicles from its wide-ranging model line-up to FIFA and FIFA events. Hence, we can see football and Brazil theme set up everywhere. Just like the previous road shows, this final leg has attracted a huge crowd with its … [Read more...]

Chang Xian Stemboat @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas


The rainy weatherfor the past few days has been the perfect excuse to stay home and cook. However, on my cheat days, we will got for warm and comforting steamboat. Chang Xian at Publika Mall is one of our favorite steamboat places. We were here on a Saturday afternoon and the crowd slowly poured in after. The restaurant's interior is not decorated with a huge deal of flair, but it is … [Read more...]

Ante Kitchen & Bar @ Publika Sri Hartamas


One is spoilt for choices when it comes to dining options in Publika as this neighbourhood mall offers up a range of restaurants, cafes, eateries and bars. One of our favourite restaurants in Publika Mall is actually Ante Kitchen & Bar. This full-fledged pork restaurant is run and managed by a team of good friends in their twenties. Their entire menu is dedicated to pork with dishes such as … [Read more...]

Elysyle Spa @ Wisma Elken, Old Klang Road


Elysyle Spa is a hidden gem. Located at the Penthouse of Wisma Elken, it is a world-class fusion spa that combines Eastern and Western elements in its setting, ambience and therapies. We often drive pass Wisma Elken without knowing about this beautiful space. Elysyle Spa spans across a 10,000 square feet of tranquil surroundings. This award winning spa is dedicated to provide their guests a … [Read more...]

Restoran Pak Thong (Kau Kiah) @ Kepong Wet Market


I am basically clueless when it comes to finding my way around Kepong, but I’m very lucky to have Mr. YJ. Having to grow up and live in Kepong for many years, he just knows every nook and cranny in his home town. One night, we ended up in the Kepong wet market and according to YJ, this restaurant serves the best Chinese food because the owner, Kau Kiah only get the freshest supply from the wet … [Read more...]

Srinakarin Train Market (Talat Rot Fai) – Best Night Market in Bangkok


As mentioned in our Instagram and Facebook updates, Srinakarin Train Market (Talat Rot Fai) is one of the coolest night markets that we have ever been to in Bangkok (to date). "Talad" means market and "Rot Fai" means train in Thai as it was once an open-air bazaar set beside an abandoned railroad tracks behind JJ market and near Chatuchak area. However, the train market has since moved into a new … [Read more...]

First Holiday of the Year!


Our first holiday for year 2014 (Singapore doesn't count ahem) is made possible with great deals and discounts! We have been itching to go for a holiday trip for a very long time ever since the honeymoon trip last year. While we can' afford to go for another big trip as such, small and short little getaways to Thailand doesn't hurt right? We will be traveling to Bangkok this Saturday and … [Read more...]

Yuu-jo Japanese Restaurant @ Kiara Designer Suite, Mont Kiara


Located on the ground level of Kiara Designer's Suite, Yuu-jo is a fairly new kid on the block along Jalan Kiara 3.  It is a wonderful little under-the-radar Japanese restaurant where I can find an interesting selection of good, not-crazy-expensive udon or soba, a bargain bowl of don for lunch and some nice grilled seafood. A warm welcome by the gorgeous looking lady boss is definitely an icing … [Read more...]

Fresh Breath for 12 Hours!


Italian’s roasted garlic, Korean’s garlic marinated beef, Thailand’s garlic fried chicken, Japan’s ramen with minced garlic… As food lovers, I often need to trade-off great food with the foul taste that follows, even hours after eating my meal. I call that a job hazard. I know that there is nothing that a chew gum can’t fix. It gets rid of that garlicky dragon breath almost … [Read more...]

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