Red Lobster @ The Intermark KL


Lobster alert in Kuala Lumpur! There has been a tidal wave of openings in Klang Valley where this marine crustacean plays a starring role. One of the most prominent name we hear is Red Lobster that will make you "sea" food differently. Red Lobster is an American casual dining restaurant chain that is headquartered in Orlando, Florida. It has history dated back to the 1960's and with more than … [Read more...]

I Love S&P Santan Cooking Class


Malaysia is a country well-known for its diversity in terms of culture and religion. It is well reflected in our food offerings and thus we are blessed with so much great food in Malaysia. Most of our nation’s favourite dishes such as nasi lemak, rendang and nasi dagang are so delicious and creamy due to the liberal use of coconut milk and various spices. Hence, it is really important for us … [Read more...]

Cuti Cuti Malaysia with Great Hotel Deals!


Much as we love our city, there are times when we have just got to get out of town. The good news is that there are so many weekend getaway hot spots that are so near to the city via road trips or flying. Being gluttons ourselves, two of our favourite destinations are: 1) I-P-O-H Plan B - one of the many "hipster cafes" in Ipoh Just a two-hour drive up north from Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, the … [Read more...]

Our Traveling Skincare Essential


We have been traveling for quite a fair bit in the past few months. We went to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Nagoya, Krabi, Macau, Pangkor Laut and Bangkok. *gasped* Time flies when you are having fun! Traveling to new and different places opens our eyes and our minds. Although traveling is fun but it often comes together with a price. Our skin condition often deteriorates after we come home. … [Read more...]

Nagoya 4D3N Itinerary: Things to Do & to Eat in Nagoya


  What is your general impression on Nagoya? Or you have never heard about this destination before? Prior to my trip, I asked around for more information and travel tips on Nagoya and no one seems to be able to help me.  So I resorted to google. Apart from the official information in Tourism of Japan and Centrair’s official website; English blog posts and travelogues on Nagoya are … [Read more...]

Sitka @ Damansara Heights, KL


I have many fond memories of Restoran Seng Lee on Jalan Batai from my internship days. Having only a minimal pay each month, me and my internship peers often flocked to Restoran Seng Lee to fill our tummies with cheap hawker fare like char kway teow, pork noodles, wantan noodles, and curry laksa. However, due to redevelopment plans, Restaurant Seng Lee and a few other premises have had to … [Read more...]

Robata Monkey @ Jaya One


Its serious monkey business in Robata Monkey, a robatayaki style izakaya. Robatayaki is a technique in Japanese cuisine where food is grilled over an open sandpit hearth in front of the customer. Coupled with its wide array of local & imported Japanese fresh seafood, juicy meats & seasonal vegetables grilled; Robaya Monkey is definitely a heaven for seafood lovers. Upon stepping … [Read more...]

Pangkor Laut Resort Day 2 & 3


Please refer to our post on Pangkor Laut Resort Day 1 here. Day 2: Breakfast @ Feast Village -> Jungle Walk guided by Resident Naturalist -> Emerald Bay -> Lunch @ Chapman's Bar -> Spa Village -> Dinner @ The Straits Good morning Pangkor Laut Resort! We woke up early to take a stroll around the resort. Every corner looked photo-worthy! Breakfast @ The Feast Village is … [Read more...]

Way Modern Chinois @ Clearwater, Damansara Heights


It has been a while since we really enjoy a full Chinese banquet lunch and this time we were at Way Modern Chinois at Damansara Heights, a classy and sensual avant-garde modern cuisine restaurant specializing in contemporary Chinese / Asian cuisine. In Mandarin, Way means “unique” or “one and only”. From it's unique entrance of a lift door which opens and transports the dinner to a … [Read more...]

Join the KenTrade Trading Challenge to Win Cash Prizes & Volkswagen Jetta!


picture for illustration purposes only Have you ever wondered what would you do for a million ringgit? Spending it all on a luxurious around the world trip? Buying all the branded hand bags that you have been longing for? One million ringgit is certainly enough for most people to retire on, assuming you live a modest lifestyle and the inflation does not go overboard. Of course, the sensible … [Read more...]

Rayong Thai Restaurant @ Taman Danau Desa


Recently we have been exploring Taman Danau Desa area for food choices. From Japanese/Korean restaurants to inventive neighbourhood eateries and cozy little cafés, this area offers a diverse array of gastronomic options. We found ourselves at Rayong Thai restaurant one night. It was entirely unplanned as the queue for Restaurant Seoul Korea (a few steps away from Rayong Thai restaurant) was … [Read more...]

Great Discounts with Agoda and Visa Malaysia


Recently, my family and I flew to Adelaide for our family trip. Doing a free and easy trip like this enable us to visit Adelaide's attraction at a leisurely pace. These are some of the places that we have been to throughout our stay in Adelaide: Adelaide Botanic Garden Adelaide University & North Terrace Rundle Place Penfolds Magill Estate Hahndorf, Little German … [Read more...]

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