Three Little Birds @ D7, Sentul


Rejoice, fellow Sentul-ians! Three Little Birds have flown to Sentul East and built their nest in D7, a green and modern office block. In case you are wondering, Three Little Birds refers to the three musketeers behind The Artisan Roast fame. It is one of their latest spin-offs, apart from the Nowhereman Roaster at Jalan Telawi. We were there on a quiet Saturday afternoon. I like how the space … [Read more...]

Non Halal Nasi Lemak @ Jalan Sentul, Kuala Lumpur


What do you do when hunger pangs strike on a rainy day? For us, cold and drizzly nights as such call for warm and cozy meals such as steamboat, bakuteh and nasi lemak! Last month, our rainy day cravings were especially bad and fortunately for us, a dear friend recommended Jalan Sentul's nasi lemak and thus we decided to give it a try. He forewarned us about the long queue as soon as the … [Read more...]

Samira Thai Cuisine @ Sentul Park


Samira @ Sentul Park is a new kid on the block; taking over Yuritei at the KOI centre near KL Performing Arts Center.  I first read about this beautiful place from Sean's blog and was captivated by it's beautiful surroundings. Last Saturday, I popped by for dinner since it is only 2 minutes drive from my place. … [Read more...]

Zhen Liew Siang (Lao Heong) @ Sentul Raya, KL


OK. another quick post that I churned out during my lunch break. We have been exploring the Jalan Ipoh/Jalan Kuching/Sentul area lately. One of the first few things that we did was to look for a decent dining place. Zhen Liew Siang is one of them. There is another Restoran Makanan Laut Lau Heong at Sentul Perdana, but we chose to dine at the one in Sentul Raya because it's in a closer proximity … [Read more...]

Restoran Makanan Laut Lau Heong @ Bandar Baru Sentul


This place is truly a hidden gem located in a quite residential area at Bandar Sentul Baru! KambungBoy's second elder sister and her hubby brought us here last weekend. They used to work around this area and had been drop by this place regularly before they shifted to Kedah.It's not hard to notice what is their signature or famous dish. Patrons from different tables ordered the same dish … [Read more...]