Bangoya Japanese BBQ @ Jaya One, PJ


We have sushi joints and ramen houses everywhere in KL these days. So what’s next? Izakayas, of course. These casual Japanese restaurants have been mushrooming in the Klang Valley of late, and a few Japanese restaurants have also started adding an izakaya section to their menus. Bangoya in Jaya One is my favourite izakaya outlet so far. Located on Kissaten’s rooftop, Bangoya brings us a … [Read more...]

Thai Camp @ Taman Paramount, PJ


Given the current political turmoil in Thailand, we had to call off our annual pilgrimage trip to Bangkok. Fortunately for us, we find solace through some authentic Thai food at Taman Paramount, PJ. Next to Restaurant Mei Yan and along Jalan 20/7, Thai Camp @ Taman Paramount is a new kid on the block. We got to know about Thai Camp from our good friend as her brother in law owns and runs this … [Read more...]

B & Best Seafood Noodles @ Kelana Jaya


B & Best seafood noodles has been on my “to-do” list for quite some time. I blame it on my foodie friends who constantly flood my social media newsfeed with images of B & Best’s scrumptious looking seafood noodles. I didn’t get around to it until recently, when we were around Kelana Jaya to run some errands. Do bear in mind that this is a “premium” seafood noodles place … [Read more...]

Butter + Beans at Seventeen @ Happy Mansion, SS17


Together with my best friends (Ivy, Christine, Wen Ching), we have formed a breakfast club unintentionally. It first started with meeting each other almost every Saturday morning to pass the time and discuss the week we’ve had. And soon it evolved into a habit. Read more about our breakfast series at Antipodean Cafe , The Red Bean Bag, Haven Cafe, Coffee Stain, Coffee Societe, Top Brew, … [Read more...]

Grub of The Week#2 – Maybank Nasi Lemak @ Seapark


Just next to Maybank at Petaling Jaya’s Seapark (SS21) is where you'll find one of the best nasi lemaks in PJ. Some call this place "Maybank Nasi Lemak" because of it's close proximity to Maybank. The nasi lemak (RM 4.50) stall draws a big crowd every day of the week. Not only that everything on this plate worked together but individually it was all spot on! The sambal isn't too spicy and has … [Read more...]

Sushi Tei @ Tropicana City Mall


Sushi Tei is one of those Japanese restaurants that offers good quality Japanese food that is light on the wallet. When we were still staying around the PJ/Damansara area, we always make it a point to drop by Sushi Tei for a light lunch/simple dinner after we are done with our groceries shopping at Carrefour, Tropicana City Mall. So we were absolutely delighted when Sushi Tei invited us … [Read more...]

Nagomi Lover’s Bento @ Nagomi Japanese Restaurant


Valentine’s Day is here again! Guys, if you are under immense pressure to pick a romantic spot for that special occasion, fret not! Japanese is never a bad choice when it comes to impress your date. This Valentine's, enjoy a very romantic Love Bento at Nagomi Japanese Restaurant. The atmosphere and the ambiance of the interiors will surely enchant your date. Thanks to the management of the … [Read more...]

Wantan Mee @ Restoran Okay, SS2


I'm going to blog about one of my favourite wantan mee stall at Restoran Okay, SS2. The appealing nature of the noodles is its crunchy and springy texture. As we stood by and observed, the noodles were blanched for a while and plunged into cold water to ensure a firm and springy texture. The noodles were tossed and mixed with the soy sauce gravy which is slightly different from the ones sold … [Read more...]

Pho Hoa @ Tropicana City Mall, PJ


Pho (pronounced fuh) refers to Vietnamese national soup. Hoa means harmony in Vietnamese. Pho Hoa is essentially a family style restaurant that takes pride in their pho and affordable prices.Do you know that Pho Hoa is also the largest Vietnamese restaurant chain in North America but not Vietnam? Thanks to Richard, we were given the opportunities to sample some Vietnamese favourite such as … [Read more...]

Ah Khai Famous Char Siew Chicken Rice @ Section 20, Petaling Jaya


A year ago, Ken from foodpoi told us, "You must try this stall call Ah Khai at Section 20! Their char siew is simply divine! Ah Khai, the Bangla look alike stall owner used to work in Hong Kong to master the technique of roasting." A month ago, David from Nuffnang told us the same thing. He described the char siew as fork tender with crispy burnt bits, and its cut into large chunky … [Read more...]

LaLa Chong Seafood Restaurant @ Kg Sg Kayu Ara


While everyone was partying the night away as they usher in the new year of 2010, we headed to Lala Chong for some rockin’ Chinese-style seafood. I believe Lala Chong needs no further introduction as they have made a name in the local dining scene as the famous seafood restaurant opposite Terminal 3 of Subang Airport. Little did we know that they have expanded to Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara, … [Read more...]

Celebrating Christine’s Birthday @ Cristang, 8 Avenue PJ


To my dearest Christine, It’s your birthday and I’m thinking how glad I am that you were born. You are a good friend who's there to provide support when times are tough, and you bring positive vibe and happiness to everyone. Happy Birthday darling! I wish you another great year from the bottom of my heart. Love, Citygal We celebrated Christine's birthday last week with lots of … [Read more...]

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