4 Best Claypot Chicken Rice @ Klang Valley


Claypot chicken rice is a very popular Cantonese dish amongst the Chinese community in Malaysia. There is nothing more comforting than a plate of warm, hearty, and fulfilling claypot chicken rice, eaten together with chopped cili padi and a splash of soy sauce. Fluffy grains of rice, together with marinated pieces of chicken and sliced Chinese sausages are cooked in a claypot fuelled by charcoal … [Read more...]

Restoran Pak Thong (Kau Kiah) @ Kepong Wet Market


I am basically clueless when it comes to finding my way around Kepong, but I’m very lucky to have Mr. YJ. Having to grow up and live in Kepong for many years, he just knows every nook and cranny in his home town. One night, we ended up in the Kepong wet market and according to YJ, this restaurant serves the best Chinese food because the owner, Kau Kiah only get the freshest supply from the wet … [Read more...]

Best Soup Pan Mee in Klang Valley


Pan Mee is a popular noodle dish in Malaysia. This Hakka-style noodle can be found in food courts, hawker stalls, pan mee specialty shops and even restaurants. Pan Mee, literally means flat noodles as the dough is hand kneaded, flattened and pinched into dough pieces with irregular shapes. With the help of a noodle flattener, pan mee also comes in the form of noodle strands – thick or thin. … [Read more...]

Win Seng Heng Coffeeshop @ Jalan Imbi


Win Heng Seng is a “must-go” Chinese coffeeshop in KL’s Golden Triangle district. For those who are working around the area, Win Heng Seng is a one-stop shop to savour all-time favourites such as pork ball noodles, char kway teow, Sarawak kolok mee and egg tarts all under one roof. It is no surprise that this place is outrageously popular. We often find it hard to snare a table during … [Read more...]

Jalan Ipoh’s Hot Eats


Just 10 minutes’ drive from KLCC, Jalan Ipoh is an area where great food comes in affordable prices. Being heavily influenced by the Indian neighbourhood of Sentul and the Chinese population around Segambut area, it is a treasure trove of local delights. As we have spent a lot of time exploring the area for the past two years, we are here to dish out three of our favourite eating places in this … [Read more...]

B & Best Seafood Noodles @ Kelana Jaya


B & Best seafood noodles has been on my “to-do” list for quite some time. I blame it on my foodie friends who constantly flood my social media newsfeed with images of B & Best’s scrumptious looking seafood noodles. I didn’t get around to it until recently, when we were around Kelana Jaya to run some errands. Do bear in mind that this is a “premium” seafood noodles place … [Read more...]

Hoi Kee Coffee Shop @ Segambut, Kuala Lumpur


Hoi Kee coffee shop is our frequent stop during weekends, partly because we have grown so familiar with most of the food stalls in this humble little corner coffee shop. Most of them offer great variety and good value for money, which is why the coffee shop is always packed to the brim during lunch hour. If you are planning to stop by, be prepared to share a table with strangers. One of my … [Read more...]

顺利虾面 Soon Lee Prawn Mee @ Off Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur


We have heard so much about this famous prawn noodles stall located at the wai sek gai (glutton street) next to The Store Jalan Ipoh but it wasn’t until last week we made an effort to drop by. Soon Lee’s the name of this humble little stall and like most famous eateries, their menu is limited to only their signatures – prawn noodles, char kuey teow (CKT) and lam mee. We were there at … [Read more...]

Non Halal Nasi Lemak @ Jalan Sentul, Kuala Lumpur


What do you do when hunger pangs strike on a rainy day? For us, cold and drizzly nights as such call for warm and cozy meals such as steamboat, bakuteh and nasi lemak! Last month, our rainy day cravings were especially bad and fortunately for us, a dear friend recommended Jalan Sentul's nasi lemak and thus we decided to give it a try. He forewarned us about the long queue as soon as the … [Read more...]

Siu Yoke @ Wong Kee, Pudu


Ask any KL-lites for the best siu yoke in town and 8 out of 10 of them will mention Wong Kee! Finding this place was quite a challenge, if you are not familiar with the Pudu area. Parking is notorious as well! Since it's within walking distance from Shaw Parade, so it would be easier to just park your car inside the building. Patrons must comply with certain rules here: Rule #1: Siu Yoke is … [Read more...]

Fried Chicken Rice @ Segambut, Kuala Lumpur


Is there any great food in which you wish you had discovered it sooner? Well, we do have one at the moment. It is a fried chicken rice stall located within 2 minutes drive from Segambut Yu Ai seafood noodles. It may be just a run down shack under a big, shady tree but it becomes our favourite lunch spot. I wouldn't necessarily call it a "hidden gem," but it is certainly off the radar of many … [Read more...]

Imbi Market – Our Favourite Breakfast Spot in KL


Perhaps the top breakfast spot in all of Kuala Lumpur is Imbi Market, which is also known as Bukit Bintang Wet Market. Although you will not receive service at your table or fancy place-settings, Imbi Market is a great place to find some of the region’s best hawker food at a low price. In my opinion Imbi Market has much better food than Jalan Alor, in addition to being less expensive. When … [Read more...]