I (we) Need a Holiday!


What happens when three married bloggers meet up? Their conversation revolves around babies, home improvement tips, recipes and family trips! For family trips, Expedia, the world’s leading online travel company is an obvious choice as one can choose from over 260,000 hotels and 400 airlines worldwide. If price factor is your main consideration, Expedia guarantees best prices on your hotels and … [Read more...]

Hair Dryer that Does Not Dry Your Hair


My hair is really damage and brittle from all the blow-drying, styling, and dyeing that I have done to it over the years. I use to just take it for granted but our recent trip to Europe makes me realize that I need to do something about my hair. When I was in London, my dry hair built up so much of static electricity and flyaways. It was really embarrassing as I walked down those chic streets of … [Read more...]

Young Hearts


Chinese New Year is an occasion that we often look forward to. We look forward to reunite with our family members, we look forward to feast and we also look forward to watch the many CNY TV commercials. Every year, Petronas CNY TV commercial stands out as it is often heart warming and it does a good job in conveying a certain positive message to its viewers and reminding people of the hope and … [Read more...]

3 Best Chinese New Year Commercials for the Year of 2014


Gong Xi Fa Cai! May the year of Wood Horse brings much joy, love and peace. Chinese New Year is my favourite festive season. It is the time when friends and families reunite. The long break also allows me to be a potato couch, munching on my favorite CNY snacks while watching the many interesting, funny, touching and heart warming CNY TV commercials. I decided to compile 3 of my favourite … [Read more...]

How to Look Fabalous this CNY!


Last week, I was invited to a skin care and make up workshop organized by Kose Malaysia. It was one of those workshops which I am more than happy to attend because I know that I will always walk home with some valuable beauty tips and beauty product knowledge. I’m also the biggest fan of Ariel Lin, a famous Taiwanese actress who is the latest spokeperson for Kose. “In Time with You” was … [Read more...]

The Brand New Kia Optima K5!


OK. So we got married last November and now that #kbcgwedding and #kbcgineurope is over. What’s next? Get a house. Checked! Except that it’s 10 times smaller than this dream house image. Get a (bigger) car. Sounds like an idea, especially when two families become one as we need to make road trips to Ipoh and Kuala Terengganu more often. A big and stable car is definitely more comfortable … [Read more...]



We all know the health benefit of tea such as it contains antioxidant, lowers stress hormone level, lowers blood pressure, aids digestion, prevents diabetes, etc. Hence tea became a daily drink in many cultures, which include ours. However, sometimes it feels boring to have my daily cup of hot tea, especially on a scorching hot weather. Sometimes, I crave for a glass of refreshing , ice cold … [Read more...]

Modbox’s Christmas Edition!


As a modern working woman, I do not have the luxury of time to do my shopping in a retail space. Hence, I rely a lot on getting my stuffs bought online, from clothings and bags to groceries and beauty products. However, sometimes I find it difficult to feel the textures of a day cream or to imagine the scent of this new perfume. This is where the concept of beauty box comes into place. Modbox … [Read more...]

Throwing an Extraordinary Party to End the Year!


Tis’ the season to be jolly, giving and not to forget wine and dine! The Christmas season is here again this year and I can still remember our Merry Guinness party back in year 2011. This year, we shall continue with a Guinness Christmas by having a pint of everyone’s favourite black liquid in the some of the most extraordinary locations! My idea of an ideal Christmas party is to have it … [Read more...]

A Trip to Seri Pajam Project


Now that we just got married and are entering a new phase of life, we need to plan for our future. One of the major things that we are planning right now is to get a new house. Our current shoe box apartment is just nice for the two of us, but if ahem ahem a new family member, or maybe two come about, there isn’t enough space for everyone. Hence, house hunting came into the picture. We recently … [Read more...]

Preparation for the Big Day – My Skin Care Regime


As a bride to be, I am pretty nervous about my skin condition. I have freckles since my teenage years but they've never really bothered me as most of my friends think that it’s “cute”. However, as I age, freckles + age spots + wrinkles does not look “cute” to me anymore. Our love for a sun,sea and sand kind of holiday aggravated my dark spots. To my horror, they have been creeping up … [Read more...]

5 Kitchen Appliances That Make Your Life a Whole Lot Easier!


Judging from the slew of home cooked food pictures from our Instagram account, it is apparent that we enjoy cooking as much as we love eating. While the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in our home; sometimes I just hope to shorten the cooking process so that I can take my well-deserved nap. This is why we need to have kitchen utensils and appliances to make our lives easier. I’m … [Read more...]

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