Making Bread is Easy with Panasonic Bread Maker!


Cooking is one of those things I was once afraid of, but after trying it “for fun” one time I discovered how easy it was and kept at it. As time passes, I am quite good at it, as evident from those home-cooked food pictures on our instagram and facebook page feed. However, I am not as confident when it comes to baking. Most baking recipes need all the precision in the world and precise … [Read more...]

What’s Your Perspective of Progress in Asia?


Volvo Trucks has been in Asia for more than 80 years, contributing to progress in various key cities to where they have become today. It is well known for its unparalleled safety, stability and innovation. This year, Volvo Trucks is celebrating its 80 years in Asia with ‘Perspectives of Progress’ which conveys Volvo’s dedication towards driving progress in Asia. This meaningful campaign … [Read more...]

Stadium Astro Ola Bola World Cup Party


Are you ready for the World Cup Fever? This year, watching World Cup is a whole new experience with the introduction of technology. Helmed by, Astro’s 2014 FIFA World Cup™ experience ignites passion for the greatest show on earth with multiple apps for viewers to Watch, Play, Listen and Read about the World Cup. The four major apps to enhance your football watching … [Read more...]

#KoreanBurger Revolution @ Bulgogi Brothers


When we were traveling to Seoul, we saw Bulgogi Brothers in most areas and we were told that it is a popular franchise in Korea, Canada, Philippines, China and London. The good news is we now have Bulgogi Brothers in Malaysia too! This casual dining restaurant is not only famous for its grilled marinated beef as Bulgogi Brothers also feature a variety of menu options including soups, salads, hot … [Read more...]

Ernest Zacharevic and #ArtofOldTown


Just a two-hour drive up north from Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, the capital city of Perak state, was once a booming tin mining town during the British colonial era. However, the collapse of tin prices and closure of tin mines in the late 1970s meant that the town lost some of its lustre over the years. Activities slowed down and migrants moved out, leaving behind grand old buildings – the clock tower, … [Read more...]

Make Your Travel Wish Now!


Our world is truly magnificent and we have only seen a fraction of it. Travel is one of our main priorities in life and everyone should have a travel bucket list. In Asia, we wish to visit Nepal, Japan, India and Sri Lanka some day. These countries are made up of an alluring collection of ancient wonders, modern marvels and natural landmarks in which one should see at least once in their … [Read more...]

World Cup Fever with KIA!


Just a few days ago, we visited the KIA On Tour road show held in Suria KLCC. Do you know that KIA is the official partner of FIFA World Cup Brazil? KIA is supplying official vehicles from its wide-ranging model line-up to FIFA and FIFA events. Hence, we can see football and Brazil theme set up everywhere. Just like the previous road shows, this final leg has attracted a huge crowd with its … [Read more...]

Fresh Breath for 12 Hours!


Italian’s roasted garlic, Korean’s garlic marinated beef, Thailand’s garlic fried chicken, Japan’s ramen with minced garlic… As food lovers, I often need to trade-off great food with the foul taste that follows, even hours after eating my meal. I call that a job hazard. I know that there is nothing that a chew gum can’t fix. It gets rid of that garlicky dragon breath almost … [Read more...]

Of Coffee & Childhood Memories


                          Ipoh is my birthplace. When I was younger, my father would occasionally take me and my sisters out for breakfast during the weekends. This was a treat in more ways than one. We got to order our favourite Ipoh white coffee, charcoal toasts and half boiled eggs at one of … [Read more...]

The Future of Home Entertainment


We both have a busy lifestyle that leave us little time or no time to catch up on our favourite TV shows. Sometimes we felt left out when our friends were discussing about the latest American Idol winner or the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy 8. I'm sure a lot of you out there are just like us, always on the go. We have decided to upgrade our Astro package with the installation of Astro … [Read more...]

I (we) Need a Holiday!


What happens when three married bloggers meet up? Their conversation revolves around babies, home improvement tips, recipes and family trips! For family trips, Expedia, the world’s leading online travel company is an obvious choice as one can choose from over 260,000 hotels and 400 airlines worldwide. If price factor is your main consideration, Expedia guarantees best prices on your hotels and … [Read more...]

Hair Dryer that Does Not Dry Your Hair


My hair is really damage and brittle from all the blow-drying, styling, and dyeing that I have done to it over the years. I use to just take it for granted but our recent trip to Europe makes me realize that I need to do something about my hair. When I was in London, my dry hair built up so much of static electricity and flyaways. It was really embarrassing as I walked down those chic streets of … [Read more...]

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