The RHB Privileges App


I can’t remember the last time I physically went to my bank branch. It’s not because I don’t have a wonderful bank — I do. It’s because the bank has made it so easy for me to not have to visit a branch. One such bank is RHB bank. Apart from the RHB Now app where I can do my banking transactions on the go, now the bank comes out with RHB Lifestyle Privileges, a lifestyle app which … [Read more...]

One Plus One Equals to…


As a food & travel blogger, a good phone camera is very important for us. We need to update our social media platforms on the go! That is why when we had the chance to test out the OnePlus One device, the first thing we looked at was the camera. We brought it along for a little outing and did some silly shots. It was a rainy evening so we were stuck indoor. But the phone camera never failed … [Read more...]

Go Shop – A Brand New Shopping Experience


It was our first time stepping into a TV show recording studio last week, thanks to Go Shop. *jakun* The studio is everything that I imagine it to be – multiple camera set up, adequate lighting, bright and cheerful, moveable furnitures and settings. Together with Kak Filla, Kak Elly, Beautiful Nara, we got to go behind the scene and learn more about the production of a home shopping … [Read more...]

Protection for the Family


One of the biggest decisions we have to make is getting married. As we are moving into our next phase of life, we bought a property, (in the midst of) moving in, started to do family planning, and of course we need to think about our future as a family. It is one of the discussions that is necessary to bring up early on a marriage life, and a smart and flexible life insurance is often the … [Read more...]

Cafe Hopping Day with the All-New, Sporty Looking Honda City


With a new cafe or two opening up every other week, the coffee scene in Malaysia is young but vibrant and full of passionate people. It is definitely music to my ears as I am a coffee addict. Great coffee is lifes most affordable luxury and there is something about cuddling a steaming mug of coffee that makes me feel relaxed. Cafe hopping is one of the IN things to do in the Klang Valley. … [Read more...]

3 of My Favourite Hotels in Bangkok


#1 Hansar Bangkok Hansar Bangkok is a small, luxury hotel located on the pristine surroundings of Ratchadamri. Who says that size does matter when you win your guests’ heart with great services? Our 71sqm suite was amazing, tasteful and charming with the clever use of sliding doors and mirrors. The suite’s separate living area includes a fully outfitted workspace equipped with wi-fi, … [Read more...]

TGI Fridays Meal for 2 – 2 is Better than 1!


I had fond memories of eating at TGI Fridays, it is the first nice restaurant that KampungBoy took me to during our earlier dating days. Since then, we have been going back to Friday’s occasionally for its generous portions, awesome services and some of our favourite items such as Buffalo Wings and Fridays Sundae. We love TGI Fridays interior that is both hip and comfortably inviting … [Read more...]

A Peek into Our Newlywed Room


We purchased our first home 2 years after we started working. Shortly after we got our house key, KampungBoy was relocated to Singapore. So I was left alone with a daunting task to furnish our house. IKEA, being a one-stop centre for home furnishing becomes my best friend. It offers a very convenient shopping experience such as shopping guide and pencils to note down items of choice and their … [Read more...]

Kangaroo Island – A Zoo Without Fences


One of our biggest regrets during our South Australia trip is not being able to make time to visit Kangaroo Island. It is just a short flight away from Adelaide and it is also accessible via ferries from Cape Jervis. Getting Here: Regional Express (REX) provides direct flights, taking just 30 minutes from Adelaide to Kingscote Airport, 14 kilometres (nine miles) from the town centre. An … [Read more...]

A Day Trip to Nilai


Last weekend, we made an impromptu day trip to Nilai. Nilai is a town located in Negeri Sembilan. We always thought that it is very far from KL but it took us only 40 minutes to arrive via the North South Highway. We drove past this signboard that leads us to Nilai 3, one of the largest wholesale centre in Malaysia. I shall come back for a visit because I heard that it is a shopping paradise … [Read more...]

Rescue for My Dry Skin!


These days, especially before the seasonal hot CNY weather, air-conditioning is essential to our daily lives. The sweltering sun outside is blissfully tempered by the blast of cool air that greets us in every coffee shop, shopping mall or office building. Air conditioning is a prominent feature at our home and in my office. I spend at least 8 hours of my daily life in the office, and another … [Read more...]

Finally, A Coffee Table Worthy Photo Book!


It's no secret that we love to travel. We have developed soft spots for a few particular destinations, and we often take so many photos during a trip that we don’t even have time to look at them after we come home. #firstworldproblem #digitalword #itstrue We love to create our own personalised travel photo album to remember our trips. We already have a collection of them at home. Sometimes … [Read more...]