Top 5 Things to Pack when We Go Travel


Packing for a trip is a necessary step in getting to the destination, but sometimes packing can be a headache. Sometimes we either pack too many clothes for a trip or we don't pack. And most of the time, we pack to the last minute—which makes our packing decisions even worse. Fortunately, we have accumulated enough experiences in packing for travel over the years. So here’s our take on … [Read more...]

Aroma of Good Times @ OLDTOWN White Coffee


Described as "one of the best curry instant noodles", MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodle shot to fame last year after The Ramen Rater listed it as "Top Ten Spiciest Instant Noodles Of All Time". It was founded by a homesick Malaysian who was studying abroad so that he can have curry noodles that taste so close to home. Indeed, the chilli paste made of fish stock, shrimp paste, spices and chilies is … [Read more...]

Guinness Amplify: Music Made of More Finale Show


Remember the GUINNESS Amplify Live Tour at The Bee, Publika that both KampungBoy and I went to? We had so much fun and enjoyed incredible music from the talented, dedicated, and passionate artists such as Paperplane Pursuit and Kyoto Protocal. Howie Day made a special appearance towards the end of the night too! To reiterate, GUINNESS Amplify: Music Made of More campaign is a brand new music … [Read more...]

I Love S&P Santan Cooking Class


Malaysia is a country well-known for its diversity in terms of culture and religion. It is well reflected in our food offerings and thus we are blessed with so much great food in Malaysia. Most of our nation’s favourite dishes such as nasi lemak, rendang and nasi dagang are so delicious and creamy due to the liberal use of coconut milk and various spices. Hence, it is really important for us … [Read more...]

Our Traveling Skincare Essential


We have been traveling for quite a fair bit in the past few months. We went to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Nagoya, Krabi, Macau, Pangkor Laut and Bangkok. *gasped* Time flies when you are having fun! Traveling to new and different places opens our eyes and our minds. Although traveling is fun but it often comes together with a price. Our skin condition often deteriorates after we come home. … [Read more...]

Join the KenTrade Trading Challenge to Win Cash Prizes & Volkswagen Jetta!


picture for illustration purposes only Have you ever wondered what would you do for a million ringgit? Spending it all on a luxurious around the world trip? Buying all the branded hand bags that you have been longing for? One million ringgit is certainly enough for most people to retire on, assuming you live a modest lifestyle and the inflation does not go overboard. Of course, the sensible … [Read more...]

Great Discounts with Agoda and Visa Malaysia


Recently, my family and I flew to Adelaide for our family trip. Doing a free and easy trip like this enable us to visit Adelaide's attraction at a leisurely pace. These are some of the places that we have been to throughout our stay in Adelaide: Adelaide Botanic Garden Adelaide University & North Terrace Rundle Place Penfolds Magill Estate Hahndorf, Little German … [Read more...]

Love Tweak Here & There


We all have someone or something that we wanted to protect dearly in our lives. Apart from our families and friends, the one thing that we really value is our gadgets. In our household of two young adults (so far), our most valuable belongings got to be our tablets , smartphones and laptops. Smartphones especially, play such a big role in our lives that we could not do without it. So in a … [Read more...]

Win Cash Prizes with RHB NOW


With internet banking, gone were the days of queuing up for hours just to pay a bill, withdraw money or transfer money. It is getting more convenient now as online banking moves from web browsers to app stores which means we can almost get our banking errands done almost instantly. Have you tried the RHB Now Mobile Banking App, a mobile channel for RHB Bank customers to check balances or make … [Read more...]

Kitchen Safety with Gas Petronas


If you follow us on instagram, you will know that we cook a lot. Cooking is our passion and we find it therapeutic, except for that occasional nicking our finger while chopping vegetables or manage to burn a pan of roasting potatoes. However do you know that actual danger does present in any household’s kitchen? The very best safety is prevention. Whenever we are cooking, we must not leave … [Read more...]

The bedroom problem that dare not speak its name


When it comes to our wedding day, we know there are no second chances, no do-overs and no re-shoots. So KampungBoy came out with a brilliant idea – he wanted to give me a fairy-tale like wedding. He came in a horse carriage on our actual day and it is really the biggest surprise in my life. Our solemnization ceremony was also an emotional moment. I can still remember KampungBoy’s beaming … [Read more...]

Music which is ‘Made of More’


Last Saturday, KampungBoy and I went out for a special date night. We were at the GUINNESS Amplify Live Tour at The Bee, Publika. To be frank, we are not a popstar fan, letting alone spending a big sum of money on concert tickets. However, the GUINNESS Amplify Live Tour is really our cup of tea as we get to enjoy a night of incredible music from the talented, dedicated, and passionate artists … [Read more...]

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