Mummy’s First Choice: Eu Yan Sang Pure Chicken Essence

    I grew up drinking essence of chicken on important occasions such as exams, sports days, interviews and even on days when my mum thinks that I’m ‘虛’ weak. This shows that chicken essence’s health benefits has been widely recognised by many Asian mummies for centuries. Scientifically – chicken essence has been found to possess many bioactivities including relief of stress and fatigue, promotion of metabolisms and post-partum lactation, improvement on hypertension, enhancement of immune system, and so on.

    However, it is often time consuming and messy to make chicken essence at home. First you’ll need to pound the chicken, then double boil for long hours, strain the liquid and not to mention the cleaning afterwards. This is why chicken essence is only a privilege that I get to enjoy during pregnancy and confinement. Thanks to advanced manufacturing technology, now we get to enjoy pure chicken essence without any preservatives that comes in conveniently packed sachets – anytime, any day.
    Eu Yan Sang’s Pure Chicken Essence is made from free range chicken bred in Taiwan of more than 12 months. The chickens have no administered growth hormones or antibiotics, pass drug-free residue test and certified healthy by vet. The Pure Chicken Essence does not contain any preservatives, colouring, salt and fragrance.  It is also HACCP ISO 22000 CERTIFIED.
    Fresh chicken is simmered under high pressure with medium heat for 8 hours to extract the chicken essence. The oil is separated before high-tech vacuum packaging and sterilisation. Not even a drop of water is added during the process too.  Over a long period of stewing, the essence of whole chicken dissolves into amino acid making it more easily absorbed by the digestive system.
    One box of EYS Pure Chicken Essence contains 8 packs and is selling for RM 228. This health supplement is especially nourishing for pregnant mums, pre-natal and post-natal. It strengthens the mummy’s immunity, benefits foetus growth and development and improves breastmilk quality. For adults, it helps to enhance concentration, eliminate fatigue, tonify blood and maintain vitality.

    There are three ways to enjoy the Pure Chicken Essence:

    1. On the stove: Place unopened sachet into a pot, add water and heat until boiling.
    2. Immersion: Place unopened sachet into a bowl of boiling water and soak for 3 minutes.
    3. Microwave: Empty the contents into a microwave-safe container. Microwave for about 1 minute.

    Every morning, I would immerse the Pure Chicken Essense in a cup of boiling hot water because I love drinking something warm in the morning. It has a very nice, natural chicken aroma, with no frosty or gamy taste. It is also very easy to bring the Pure Chicken Essence around because it doesn’t need to be refrigerated – perfect for travels or short trips.

    As a working mum, every morning feels like war while getting everyone ready. Sometimes I could go for hours without having breakfast, just having my morning supplements and the Pure Chicken Essence. I can definitely feel an improvement in my energy level and concentration.

    Eu Yan Sang’s Pure Chicken Essence can be purchased from any EYS outlets or their online store here.

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