Flat Head Syndrome? Not with Mimos Pillow!

    We have gotten a lot of compliments on Asher’s head shape and I have to thanks Mimos Pillow for that. It is a medical grade pillow designed specially by doctors, neurosurgeon and physiotherapist to reduce the pressure under the head, in order to prevent and correct flat head syndrome.

    What is Flat Head Syndrome?

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    It occurs when a flat spot develops on the back or side of a baby’s head.. It’s very common, and studies found it affects almost 50% of newborns aged 7 -12 weeks old.

    Plagiocephaly is the most common type and occurs when the head is flattened on one side, causing it to look asymmetrical and distorted. For example, the ears may be misaligned and when seen from above the head, looks like a parallelogram.

    What causes Flat Head Syndrome?

    Babies are born with soft heads to allow for the amazing brain growth that occurs in the first year of life. Flat head syndrome usually happens when a baby sleeps in the same position most of the time. The pressure can cause positional flat head.

    If the situation hasn’t improved by 6 months a lot of paediatricians will recommend a flat head helmet.

    Can Mimos Pillow Helps?

    Mimos Pillow is so expensive, does it help? Yes and yes and yes for us – just look at Asher’s head shape! Definitely a worthy investment for newborns. This medical grade baby pillow is designed and manufactured in Spain. It provides 4x less pressure, protecting baby’s soft head from flattening on the back or side of the head. You can also refer to a lot of before and after result here on their Facebook Page and Instagram Account.

    Asher tends to sleep on his right more, but the beauty about the pillow is, the baby can sleep on any side without need to reposition the direction of the head.

    Asher has been sleeping on Mimos Pillow since the first few days of his life at the confinement centre. Initially we were quite worried about SIDS risk because very often we have been told that bedding such as thick blankets, quilts, and pillows can block an infant’s airway and hence increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). However, Mimos Pillow’s material 100% breathable & certified safe. I tried planting my face onto it and I can still breathe (don’t have to thank me, son)

    TUV Certifies that this product is safe to be used with babies as there is enough air flow through the body of the pillow to allow normal baby breaths even when the baby lies face down on the pillow.

    The pillow is also made of 100% soft and flexible 3D spacer fabrics, giving babies a comfortable sleep. It is recommended to wash the pillow once or twice monthly for hygienic purposes. I just put it into a laundry net and machine wash it. It dries so quickly too! IMG_8467
    Mimos Pillow comes in 5 different sizes for every stage of baby’s growth. You just need to measure your baby’s head circumference to determine the size for your baby. How do you check if the pillow fits your baby?

    1. There shouldn’t be too much sunken space around baby’s head. Baby’s head should fit the dimple just right.
    2. Baby’s shoulder shouldn’t be on top of the pillow.
    3. There shouldn’t be a gap under baby’s shoulder
    kbcg - Mimos Pillow
    If you suspect that your baby has flat head syndrome, you can always DM Mimos Pillow on instagram or email them at info@mimospillow.my to make appointments for free consultation. During the session, they will measure and assess the severity of your baby’s flat head condition and see if Mimos Pillow could still help. In most cases, early discovery and hence early use of the pillow leads to positive outcome.
    The person in charge from Mimos Pillow told us that Asher has very nice head shape – balanced left and right, and a close to perfect scoring of 85.7%
    The purpose of the ratio is to gauge whether Mimos Pillow and Positional Treatment is still relevant and effective. They will suggest you to refer to your paediatrician for more severe cases. IMG_9122
    A  baby is going to be sleeping a a-lot each day and that is why you will have to make sure they are kept in the right environment. For flat head pillow, the best results are experienced when it is used from the very first day of life and especially before the baby hits 6 months of age.

    Apart from relying on the pillow, tummy time while awake and supervised – a little bit every day starting from birth – can help strengthen neck muscles, and provide time off the back and sides of the head. Altering the position of baby while awake (holding, or in a carrier) is also helpful.

    For more information, please refer to https://mimospillow.my/
    Facebook – Mimos Pillow Malaysia
    Instagram – @mimospillow.my

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