The 11 Mile Journey @ Nadodi KL

    We just had an amazing culinary experience through the 11 Mile Journey @ Nadodi KL! Each course was as mind blowing as the next, and the craft cocktails were one of most innovative in KL.
    Nadodi KL is discreetly located just stones throw away from the Petronas Twin Towers – on the 1st Floor above The Mayang Club at 183 Jalan Mayang. Nadodi means nomad or wanderer in Malayalam. The cuisine is described as engaging and nomadic, as it’s inspired by journeys from Tamil Nadu to Kerala and all the way to Sri Lanka.
    Patrons can opt for a 7,9 or 11-mile journey menu (vegetarian and non-vegetarian option). I like how the chefs strive to change the menus every 3 months to highlight the best seasonal ingredients. All the dishes on the menus tell a story, whether it is a personal childhood memory, or the background behind the ingredients.
    We would recommend pairing your food with cocktails here in Nadodi KL. The experience can be a lot of fun because the flavours combination and surprises are endless.

    We started with two distinctive cocktails recommended by mixologist Akshar Chalwadi. I had a gin based cocktail flavoured with moringa, with rectified vadouvan spices and house made artisanal tonic.  KampungBoy has a concoction made of rotovap burnt dill rum, fermented cucumber syrup and aerated water. Don’t be fooled by the deceptively “clear” appearance of these drinks, both packed a punch with flavour!
    We started our journey with three bite size courses that  were presented in a beautiful aesthetic way but at its core, the flavours are influenced by by 3 main regions – Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Sri Lanka. We had a semolina crust with coconut filling, water based meringue burger bun with with beetroot patty, and for the white morsels – it resembles a “very Malaysian” dish and they have something similar in Sri Lanka. Make a wild guess!
    These cute “Takoyaki” balls came to our table next. It is made with fermented batter (reminds us of thosai), filled with chicken kheema paniyaram with melted scarmoza cheese on top.
    We loved the crunchy “croquettes” filled with tapioca mash spiced with green chillies and onions, just like Kappa Masala – a Keralan style dish.
    Looking like a frozen lake, this is a refreshing and inventive cocktail concocted with outlandish ingredients such as smoked salmon infused gin, fennel and basil seed infused cordial as well as chilli oil.
    wagyu beef fat washed vodka, rosemary burnt garlic cordial, vinegar spray

    I’ve tried other fat-washed cocktails but this one is my favourite. The rich, marbled beef is only on the nose. On the palate, the rosemary aroma dominated but overall the flavour combination was well balanced.
    Bakery Memories – this dish tells a story of chef’s childhood memories.
    I love the piping hot and flaky puff pastry filled with flavour-packed egg masala that went really well with some lemon soda and rasam ketchup. Ahh now i feel like having these flaky hot egg puffs from Chennai too!
    The refreshing scent and delicate, licorice-like flavor of this fennel sorbet makes such a great palate cleanser! So good with cucumber bergamot gel, japanese ichigo and lemon meringue.
    Lobster Ribbon

    Big on both flavour and luxury, the lobster “tagliatelle” drizzled with lobster shell oil gave a wonderful burst of lobster flavour on every bite.
    scotch, hand pressed tamarind juice, earl grey – you’re going to be feeling satisfyingly torn between hot and cold sensations when slurping this cocktail down!

    rapid infused gin with turmeric gin, organic passion fruit, house made spice frosting – refreshing, pretty, and the perfect balance of sweet and tart.

    Pulliogare, or tamarind rice is a very popular South Indian vegetarian recipe. Instead of rice, the chef uses barley for its chewy texture and nutty flavour, served with charcoal smoked seabass.
    Humble Bisque

    The rich, creamy almond garlic bisque is made from scratch. The addition of tomatoes, dill and curry leaf oil gave it another dimension of taste.
    I Am So Prawny

    The king prawns with sweet, firm and meaty flash were so delicious. The yuzu kosho condiment works beautifully with the king prawn.
    Pickled Chops

    The Iberico lamb was perfectly cooked. The meat is sweet with nice nutty flavour, with fat so soft it melts right in your mouth. The mint pickle is a condiment much like pesto but with added zing from the fresh mint, it compliments the lamb dish so well.
    Nadodi Globe

    Served with fresh chopped Keerai/amaranth leaves and other fresh herbs, this reminded us of Nasi Kerabu.We were told to mix everything together to experience an explosion of textures and flavours made of crispy sago cracker, fluffly rose-coloured Kerala Matta Rice and Jaffna Crab Curry that is simply a heavenly treat.

    Bhumi – Kelulut Honey, Valrohna Log, Soil Distillates, Lavender Ice Cream, butterflies

    Bhumi means earth and this beautiful dessert certainly represents the beauty of our earth.  The lavender ice cream was so delicate, so light, so ethereal, so good when eaten together with the crunchy, crumbly soil.  The combination of flavours and textures make this dessert a whimsical delight!

    The new menu, painstakingly developed by chefs in Nadodi KL, delivers everything you’d expect from a world class restaurant. Each plate is crafted to be the best in its class. Thanks for the great experience, once again.

    Nadodi KL
    Add: 183, First floor, Jalan Mayang, off Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    Tel: +60 3 2182 4334

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