My Cord Blood Banking Experience with Stemlife

    It has been three months since I first held Asher on my arms. It felt so surreal and I told kampungboy that it’s just so weird, I can’t believe this is all really happening.
    I can still remember how he ran around dealing with my admission, fetching stuffs for me and also handling Asher’s cord blood collection kit – he called the number on the kit once I was admitted into the hospital and passed the kit to the nurses before they pushed me into the OT.
    After my delivery, a staff from the StemLife logistics team called KampungBoy and told him that he is on his way to collect the kit from the hospital. For your information, StemLife utilizes their owned specialized vehicles for express handling of cord blood units. Transfers are managed with precise schedules for efficient, reliable and safe transport. KampungBoy would need to verify and sign off after the kit is collected by the logistic staff.

    The team uses Stemcool shipping system that maintains cells within ideal temperatures. GPS and navigation systems have been developed to monitor and track cord blood units in transit at all times. The transfer time for cord blood is an average of less than 3 hours in Klang Valley and an average of less than 36 hours outside Klang Valley.

    The whole experience was a breeze for us, as many gynaes and nurses in private hospitals are quite familiar with StemLife’s process.
    One day later, the sales manager from StemLife updated us on the status. Our baby’s cord blood preliminary cell count has met the minimum standard so it will be processed.
    Once the collection kit is transported to Stemlife’s lab for processing. Prior to processing, the identity of the umbilical cord collected is verified by their laboratory technologist to ensure that the unit belongs to the right client. After that, a series of tests is performed to access the amount of stem cells collected. Upon completion, the cord blood stem cells are stored in cryobag and ready to be cryopreserved for long term storage.
    We also received the lab result around 2 months after giving birth. It is a very detailed report but they have this little booklet that explains everything, so it was quite easy for us to understand the lab results.

    The process went very smoothly and easy.  The sales manager was always there to assist us with any questions we had. Thanks to Stemlife,  now we have peace of mind in knowing that we have a valuable resource if we need it.

    For promotion price or if you have any questions, feel free to email or call 03-21663636. Visit for more information too.

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