My Confinement Experience at LYC Mother & Child Centre

    My confinement experience at LYC Mother & Child Centre was a great one. In fact, I didn’t feel confined at all because I was well taken care of and I knew for a fact that my baby is in good hands. Confinement is meant for you to recuperate, gain strength and bond with your new baby. So it is very important to hire the right confinement lady or checking into the right confinement centre. Here’s what I like about LYC Mother & Child Centre:

    Room & Amenities
    There are 3 room types in LYC Mother & Child Centre – Deluxe, Premier and VIP. The amenities are about the same, but the main difference is the size of the room.
    I was staying at the VIP room. Apart from the basic amenities such as TV, high speed internet, private bathroom, automatic washlet, room service intercom, astro, netflix, mini fridge and kettle, microwave; it comes with massage chair, coffee machine and balcony. It is a really spacious and comfortable room, and I sleep like a baby on the king size bed (except for the midnight pumping huhu).
    The nurses will inform the mummies via intercom whenever it’s feeding time/when baby’s hungry. You can opt to room in with your baby as well.

    Daily housekeeping is also provided. I don’t have to worry about dirty laundry, dusty room, changing bedsheet and etc.
    The balcony adds air, light and a great view to my room.
    Baby Asher’s favourite moment every morning!
    Husband is allowed to stay in so KampungBoy stayed in the centre for a month together with me. He was given a tag for onsite carpark so he goes to work from the centre. In term’s of husband’s meal, LYC’s kitchen provides ala carte menu (additional charges) or there are many great eateries nearby.
    We also spend a lot of time at the couple dining table having our meals together, or feeding Baby Asher at the sofa bed (bottle/breast feeding).

    Activities & Extra Services
    Herbal bath water is prepared and sent to the room every two days. Contrary to popular belief, it is perfectly fine to continue with bathing during confinement as it is important to maintain hygiene. I do bathe in these warm herbal water and dry the body and hair immediately and avoid entering an air-conditioned room right after coming out from a bath.
    Life at the centre is pretty “busy” and interesting because they offer yoga classes three times a week. There are various workshops and classes for mummies to attend too.
    I love attending all these classes and workshops because it is the only time for me to hang out with other mommies. Since we all have newborns around the same time, we have a lot to talk about!
    A major concern for new moms is how to regain their pre-pregnancy body and flatten their tummy after delivery. Depending on your package, urut sessions by Tanamera Wellness Centre are included. It is believed the bengkung can  shrink your uterus, tighten your abdominal muscles, fade stretch marks, and return you to your pre-pregnancy figure in no time.
    I really enjoyed my ginger hair wash session at the centre too! The scalp massage is super syok!

    Nurses & Doctors
    There are so many experienced nurses at the centre such as Matron Ivy, Mama Sati and Kak Su that I couldn’t thank enough. All of them are super caring and loving towards all the mummies and babies. Matron Ivy and Kak Su will do their rounds to check on the mummies every morning. If you have any concerns or questions, just fire away. They will try their best to help you.

    The nurses are all available one call away. I just need to dial #2 on my intercom to look for them. On the day that we checked out, we even joked that how we wish we can dial #2 at home for dirty diapers, feeding, bathing and etc.
    The nurses also taught us how to swaddle a baby, change diapers and bottle feeding.
    Here’s baby Asher’s favourite nurse, Stephanie jie jie.
    Being a retired nurse, Mama Sati is very experienced in breastfeeding all baby related matters. Matron Ivy has over 40 years of experiences in mother and baby care too!
    LYC Mother & Child Centre has their own family clinic downstairs. The gynaecologist will come and see the mummies once a week, while the paediatrician will come and do a detail check on the babies every Friday.
    We really enjoy bathing baby Asher in the centre too. The nurses were very nice to let us practise for three days in a row. Clearly, baby Asher enjoys his bath and massage time.

    Strict Visitor Rules and Standard of Procedures
    For every new baby that comes in, they need to be quarantine for 6 hours in a separate nursery room. This is to ensure that the baby is clear from any sickness before they send the baby into the main nursery room where all the other babies are.
    The nurses will also record down baby’s feeding, wet diapers and dirty diapers in a log book. Each baby cot in the nursery area is also equipped with a baby surveillance camera which allows the parents to monitor their baby through their smartphone on-the-go.

    In terms of visitor’s rules, they limit the number of visitors, visiting hours and visiting duration. This is to ensure that the mummies are getting enough rest. All visitors at LYC Mother & Child Centre also need to go through temperature check, sanitisation of hands, mask wearing and changing into a new pair of hygienic footwear before entering the centre.

    Confinement Food
    In LYC Mother & Child Centre, their confinement food menu is not really the traditional type of confinement meal. It is planned by modern dieticians and nutritionists, ensuring postnatal mothers obtain all the necessary nutrients to promote the healing process.
    All the 5 meals are prepared in a professional kitchen by professional chefs. I like how the meals are prepared with less oil, sugar and salt, without compromising the taste and quality of the foods.
    My only gripe was the menu here is pork free to cater to all races. Sometimes I really miss my chinese pork dishes and traditional confinement food.

    It Feels Like Home
    Everyone in the centre treats you like part of the family. They always greet us with a big smile and say “Hi, mummy!”. Not just the front desk staffs, but the nurses, the cleaners, the sales team, the management team, the meal delivery ladies and everyone else! They were also quick, efficient and very helpful.
    Thank you LYC Mother & Child Centre for the great confinement experience, and for spoiling us rotten. Going back into reality is not fun lol!

    Come discover how LYC Mother & Child Centre can make a difference in your post-natal experience!Do make an appointment with them today for a free tour of the centre!

    LYC Mother & Child Centre
    Address: Level 2, Podium Block, Plaza VADS, 1, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur
    Tel : +603 7733 9222
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