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    Isetan the Japan Store @ Lot 10 just turns 2. In conjunction with their anniversary, Isetan the Japan Store is having limited editions collaborations (mastermind Japan!!), super deals, awesome events and even held a Japan Local Specialty Fair from 26th Oct to 4th Nov 2018, 11am to 9pm.

    You can take a look at the 2 Fabulous Years newsletter here -https://www.isetankl.com.my/newsletter_upcoming/20181026/20181026-tjs-2-fabulous-years.html
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    One of the highlights for us; is the special limited time collaboration menu at 4th floor The Table restaurants. Each restaurant will be using exclusive, air-flown ingredients from the Japan Local Specialty Fair.
    The best thing is we get to enjoy these special dishes at the 6 restaurants with special promotions prices.

    Sushi Azabu: Grilled Tai Fish (RM 58) & Octopus Dish (RM 30)
    The Tokyo Restaurant: Tai Fish Ochazuke (RM 20) & Octopus Dish (RM 15)
    Tonkatsu Anzu – pork fillet with plum (RM 12)
    Toraji: Avocado Wasabi Camembert Cheese (RM 12)
    Toriden: Sweet Potato French Fries (RM 8)
    Touan: Yuzu cocktail alcoholic (RM 10), Mocktail non-alcohol (RM 8)
    For a more casual dining experience, enjoy the special eat-in menu at The Market, Lower Ground Floor.
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    We really enjoyed the Aichi Specialty – Seafood Kishimen Noodles (RM 25/bowl). Kishimen is a broad and flat noodle often seen in the Nagoya area. The texture is really good – springy yet tender. You can even buy the dried noodles home.
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    As for the popular Hokuriku menu, we tried the royal Caribbean with crabmeat (RM 3/pc). You can opt for garlic topping or avocado topping. You can also purchase this imitation crab meat from Ishikawa prefecture. It is made from finely minced cod on the spot. It expertly recreates the shape, texture, taste and juiciness of crab meat.
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    Maiko-Tee Japan from Kyoto prefecture offers authentic Japanese tea & matcha beverages (matcha latte, iced matcha & hojicha latte) for RM 14 each. However, the pièce de résistance is the Gyokuro tea. Meticulously cultivated in shaded fields, gyokuro is the most exquisite of the Japanese loose-leaf teas. It has a full-bodied yet mellow sweetness (umami) that softly lingers on the tongue. The tea is retailing at RM 279 for 50 gram!
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    We enjoyed walking around The Market at Lower Ground Floor as the Japan Local Specialty Fair features 20 of the best Japanese food products and 7 sake brewers from 16 prefectures. It is like a Japanese artisan market because most of them are small manufacturers/brewers/makers.
    Kyotukemonokawakyu Kitaoshoten from Kyoto Prefecture is very famous for their Harihari Zuke (matcha green tea flavor) pickles.

    This high quality miso pastes is produced in the heart of Shinshu, by Marumo Aoki Miso Co. Ltd.
    Sumiya Bunjiro Brewery from Aichii Prefecture is famous for their drinkabke cooking sake and mirin.
    Black garlic is a big trend in Japan right now, and KS Seika from Aomori Prefecture produces their black garlic using only white garlic from Aomori Prefecture.
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    Yawataya Isogoro is a shichimi manufacturer founded in 1736. I love its spicy and savoury flavour, great with udon and soba noodles.
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    These high-quality Chiba-produced sweet potatoes are so plump looking and sweet tasting!
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    These apples from Aomori Prefecture were picked after they matured on trees. Definitely the best apples that I’ve tried! Don’t miss out the cookies with a raw apple slice in the middle too. It’s from Matsuzawa Co in Nagano Prefecture.
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    Don’t miss out these yuzu products from Wakayama Prefecture! Yuzu has many health benefits and the taste is amazing.
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    We were delighted to see these instant ramen from prefectures all over Japan. They have a special promotion of buy 2 free 1 – retailing for RM 9.80 per packet.
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    What about some grilled oysters and smoked oysters from Miyagi Prefecture? It is so delicious even without any coloring and preservatives.
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    Haccho-miso from Aichii Prefecture is established in year 1337 and they have been maintaining their traditional production methods for years.
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    Ninki Inc from Fukushima Prefecture is well known for their best sparkling sake.
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    Ozeki was founded in 1711 and is one of the most well known sake manufacturers in Japan. Kampungboy loves their burdock and yuzu sake very much.

    I wish we had time to cover each and every one of these Japanese food producers. I love how the owners are so passionate about their products and also the stories behind their brands.

    Don’t forget to take part in the lucky dip activity! There are 1000 fabulous prizes to be won with minimum spend of RM 100 at Japan Local Specialty Fair, LGF The Market.
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