My Second Trimester Pregnancy Update

    This month I say hello to the third trimester of pregnancy, which means that we’ll be seeing our baby in two months time!
    So, here’s a post on my second trimester update.

    From a little dot to now…life is amazing!

    How I’m Feeling?


    I was feeling great throughout my first and second trimester, maybe except for the last few weeks (more on that later). I’ve been able to continue my life as normal, drive myself everywhere, travel often and most importantly got lots of work and errands done.

    Body Changes


    I didn’t look pregnant until 20 weeks when my bump got noticeably bigger. Of course, this follows by aches and pains in my lower abdomen and lower back.

    Towards the end of my second trimester, I started to experience dizziness on a few occassions – in prenatal exercise classes , while driving and while I’m doing my eyelashes extension. The main reason is I can’t lie on my back for more than a few minutes. This is because I am very anemic and the weight of the baby press on my vena cava – a large vein that carries blood from your lower body to your heart.

    Sometimes, I rush out from my house without taking breakfast if I have a 10am or 11am appointment. My body just couldn’t take it because dizziness is also caused by low blood sugar levels, plus I am anemic. So I have to eat something as soon as I wake up, and no lying on my back anymore…

    And this causes another problem. I can only sleep on my left side (my comfortable side) and I always wake up with very stiff left shoulder. Sigh…

    There is nothing worse than a bad leg cramp in the middle of the night too! I had it for like three times and it was so painful that I was limping the next day. I’ve been doing my stretching, try to stay active, try to stay hydrated and wear long pants when I sleep (apparently keeping your calves warm helps?) – and pray that I won’t be experiencing anymore leg cramps.

    second trimester

    Otherwise, this pregnancy has been quite good to us. I still have my energy (no napping habit yet), I’m eating as per normal with some cravings from time to time. Cooked a lot more during weekdays because I wanted to eat healthier. Never ask the husband to go and dabao hokkien mee or ramly burger in the middle of the night too!


    I listed down some restaurants that I’ve always wanted to try and we started going for our weekly date night before baby is out!

    Antenatal Classes

    We went to antenatal class at Pantai Ipoh and Tung Shin Hospital. We think that those classes are very useful, especially for first time parents. Various topics are being discusses, from pregnancy, birth to baby and everything in between. Antenatal classes also give the husbands an opportunity to understand the whole process of pregnancy, birth and early parenting.

    Tung Shin Hospital has free antenatal class every month, and the speakers Dr. Chuah and Dr. Chew are really funny and they make the talk very interesting. Just follow them on their FB page and look out for the next event.


    Hong Kong
    Da Nang

    I definitely took advantage of the second trimester’s reputation as the best time for travel. I went to Danang & Hoi An with the hubby, Hong Kong (alone), Singapore (twice), plus the monthly commute back to Ipoh (alone). It is very important to know your limit – if you are feeling tired or overheating, please rest.

    Hoi An

    Some tips to make travelling pleasant during your pregnancy:
    -Dress comfortably and wear comfortable shoes.
    -Bring your favorite pillow/bolster.
    -Plan for plenty of rest stops, restroom breaks and stretches.
    -Carry snacks to munch on.
    -Remember to buy travel insurance.
    -Enjoy the trip.

    Baby Nursery

    We also got our gender neutral star themed baby nursery set up. Youtube video here!


    My absolute favourite thing so far about being pregnant is the TLC that I’m getting from friends and families around me. As they said, queen before birth, slave/cow after birth. I love feeling our baby move too. It’s an incredible feeling to sense the baby wriggling around inside of me, kicking, turning and doing gymnastics.

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