RD90 Dining & Sake Bar @ TREC, KL

    RD90 is a Japanese Chinese cuisine (Chuka) restaurant and sake bar in TREC KL. Also known as Chuka Ryori in Japanese words, Chuka is a style of Japanese cuisine served by nominally Chinese restaurants popularized in Japan. Chinese food has got long histories and Japanese restaurants have then taken aspects of these regional styles and changed the seasonings and ingredients to match Japanese tastes. P1160670
    RD90 is helmed by Master Chef Fukino who has over 30 years of professional experience as Japanese Chinese cuisine chef in Japan, Vietnam, and Indonesia. He started his career in Ginza and has been headhunted several times to be a master chef or to open new restaurants in Japan and as well as outside of Japan. He also has been appeared on TV shows.
    The restaurant has a bar seating area where patrons can enjoy Japanese sake, cocktails, Japanese draft beer and other spirits available. There is a dining area on another side.
    The back of the restaurant is overlooking the Royal Selangor golf course.
    One can opt for an omakase menu (~RM 100 per pax) or to go for the ala-carte menu. We started our meal with the Assorted Three Appetizers (RM 29). The appetisers being offered are different on a daily basis.
    Mabo Tofu is one of the very popular Chinese dishes in Japan. It is incredibly flavorful but less spicy than the Sichuan-style Mapo Tofu. The savoury, garlicky, spicy meat sauce is vey tasty, and it goes very well with steamed white rice. Definitely my best mabo tofu dish in KL!
    The Steamed Chicken with Chinese Spicy Sauce (RM 23) was juicy and tender but the sauce was a bit bland in taste.
    Tan Tan Ramen (RM 28) is one of my favourite dishes to order in a chuka restaurant and RD90’s version hit the right note. The broth is rich and flavorful—you can taste the peanut and the spicy level is present without being overwhelming.
    We enjoyed having the Stir Fried Shrimp with Sweet Chili (RM 38) t00 – crunchy, bouncy bites with bold sweet garlicky flavors.
    Gyoza (RM 12). Wrapped in a thin flour dough skin, the meat filling is bursting with juices as I took a bite.
    RD90’s Stir Fried Pork  (RM 18) is very similiar to the sweet and sour pork that we are familiar with, but much better. Balls of pork belly with a thin and crispy batter is evenly coated with the addicitve sweet and sour sauce. So delicious.
    Stir-Fried Seafood with Fresh Lettuce Wraps (RM 28). The stir fried seafood is flavourful and fresh. Wrapping it all in a crisp lettuce leaf is delightfully fun to eat.

    Add: H-G-03,TREC,Jalan Tun Razak,Kelab Golf di Raja Selangor,50400, KL
    Tel: +603 2110 3232
    Hours:Lunch 11am – 2pm, Dinner 5pm – 10pm, Midnight 10pm – 3am

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