Omakase Dinner @ Xenri Japanese Cuisine

    Xenri Japanese Cuisine is not a new name in the Japanese food scene here in KL. Despite being in the fickle food business, Xenri is a long standing restaurant with quality service and food.


    Recently, the restaurant unveiled their omakese menu in conjunction with the return of award-winning Executive Chef Thomas Chan who leads Xenri’s team of chefs from Malaysia, Xenri No Tsuki in Hong Kong and Xenri No Tsuki in Shanghai. The menu that we sampled is priced at RM 400 plus but the menu and price varies everyday, depending on the availability of seasonal items.
    Aubergine and Scallop

    It is a duo of Kyoto aubergine and Hokkaido diver scallop. The aubergine was really delicious as it soaks up flavour and provided a rich, meaty texture. Sous-vide for hours, the scallop was rich and buttery and the distinct natural sweetness is just irresistible!

    Channel Rockfish
    The kinki fish is a rare fish originated from Chiba prefecture. Chef served it in two ways – served as sashimi and lightly poached. No bells and whistles or gussied up soy sauce here, just one sexy bite of fish. The fish tasted smooth and buttery and even a little sweet.
    Onion Consomme

    We have been to Awaji Island and tried their famous onions there so we were really delighted to see a consommé dish that features extract of Awaji Island’s onion that has high sugar content and wonderful aroma. Served with Russet Burbank Puree, Charred Onion and Ao Tade.

    French techniques are surely everywhere in Chef Thomas’s cooking, such as this beautiful ballotine of Aomori “Ohyo” Halibut with Kyoto Scallion. It was really enjoyable to pair the oily and delicate flesh together with the miso glaze and roasted nuts.
    Kagoshima Wagyu

    Here comes the highlight of our dinner. Kagoshima Wagyu are known for their balanced marbling and tenderness. The A5 cut that we got was awesome and it was legitimate melt in your mouth Wagyu. So good with some Izo Hanto Wasabi and soy cured egg yolk sauce.
    Fungi (Complexity of Umami)

    Porcini and morel udon, brown butter garlic, truffle espuma, spring onion, roasted pistachio – everything just screams U-M-A-M-I! The flavours were really great, but the udon was a little too soggy for our likings.
    Harmony (Balance of Dairy)

    The combination of whey bread, milk mousse, freeze dry cheese foam and yamazaki ice cream is indeed a perfect harmony of flavours and textures.
    Do come and enjoy a 7 course customised luxury omakase dinner prepared by Chef Thomas, available on limited dates only.

    Xenri Japanese Cuisine
    Add: No. 20, Wisma Elken, Jalan 1/147C, Batu 5, Jalan Kelang Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: 018-2200352

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