Whimsy Malaysia x Nathalie Gourmet Studio

    Whimsy Malaysia, together with Nathalie Gourmet Studio collaborated and brought to us the first multi-sensory experience pop up in KL. It is an experience that uses sight, sound and smell to create a specific atmosphere that enhances the food being served.
    As we step into the dining room, we almost feel like we are entering a theatre with the UV lighting, 360-degree wall projectors, table projections, beam speakers and a multi-channel speaker system.

    We even found our names at the wall projectors, what a great way to welcome your guests. P1150916
    Each course of the menu is matched with the perfect scent, music, sounds and lights in order to excite all the senses. Throughout the dinner, the food is accompanied with wines from Chateau de Lafont that pair with each cuisine. Chateau de Lafont owned by the Di Tullio family are not only producers but also importers of french fine wines within Malaysia through Ditullio and Sons Sdn Bhd. They bring their expertise not only to produce wine but also to offer you the full wine experience. Martell Cognac pairing is also available.

    Our first course is called The Red Planet. It is actually Japanese momotaro tomatoes in three textures, rich basil pesto, mozzarella cream.
    For this course, we were being transported to the galaxy far, far away. Each of us was given an iPad and we just need to point the camera onto the zodiac sign to get a reading.
    As each course is brought out to the table, it is accompanied by a change in atmosphere. From the galaxy, we are now in the midst of a mystical forest filled with wild mushrooms, and with birds chirping sound in the background.
    In The Woods
    Crispy Foei Gras, Artichokes, Porcinis and Shaved Truffles, Duck and Truffle Consomme

    Love how the crispy foei gras with dark, crispy exterior and rich, creamy centre camouflaged as a virtual truffle. You almost got me, chef Nathalie!
    Under the sea, under the sea…from the forest, we dived into the ocean and I am anticipating a seafood course 🙂
    Under Water
    Caramelised Hokkaido scallop, poached oyster and pearl cream, dieppoise sauce and mushroom mousseline.
    My beautiful dining partner, Michelle.
    All in a sudden, the music changed and the mood lighted up because we are in the midst of a circus!
    Organic chicken with a heart of lobster, paella flavoured risotto, herbs and capsicum in different shapes and textures, chicken jus
    We were being surrounded by hundreds of sky lantern as the mood set us into the final course – a dessert course.
    Again, we were given an iPad to write down our wishes which will be projected on the sky lantern. Such a cool idea! It was also a very whimsical moment.
    Make a Wish Perfect Apple
    Preserved lemon mousse, fennel, green apple and dill coulant, ivory cocoa crust, crumbles
    The five course menu is set at RM 699 per guest with drinks pairing options from RM 185 to RM 350.
    It was such a memorable multi sensory dining experience. I like how Whimsy Malaysia and Chef Nathalie emphasize sights, sounds and smells in addition to the food we’re served, to create a unique and unforgettable dining experience.

    Please refer to https://whimsy.com.my for more information. Reservation can be made via the website, via call +6010-216 7227 or via email info@whimsy.com.my.

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