Discounts and Promotions for Japan Food Supporter Restaurants


    As you all know, we have been dining at different Japanese restaurants around town for the past three months, under the Japan Food Supporter initiative organised by the Japan Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

    In order for the Japanese restaurants to be certified under this programme, the restaurants must have their meals prepared using food ingredients produced in Japan. The fact that food ingredients produced in Japan are used on their menus shall be displayed. The attractiveness and characteristics of food ingredients and alcohols produced in Japan shall be promoted to their customers.

    From 29 January to 11 March 2018, 40 restaurants under the Japan Food Supporter initiative will be offering special discounts or free gifts when you dine in.

    Full list of restaurants here: Japanese Food Supporter SNAP FOR DISCOUNTS!

    All you need to do is:

    1. Dine in or purchase items at the outlets below.
    2. Snap a photo while you are at the outlet and post it on your Facebook or Instagram with these two hashtags: #japanesefoodsupporter #malaysia
    3. Show the uploaded photo to the outlet to receive discounts or gifts. If the staffs are not sure, show them the poster above. 


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    Saisai: FREE Hot Sake (180ml) for Couple

    Gyu no Takumi: 10% off Total Bill

    Sourakuya: Free One Special Dish

    Toridoki: Free 3 Sticks of Yakitori

    Ginza Sushimasa:

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