Chateau Decanter, TTDI

    Chateau Decanter is an elegant wine bar tucked away on the second floor of a shop lot in TTDI area. Chateau, as we all know, means large house or castle in France while decanter is a vessel that allows wine to breathe – almost similar to stretching its legs after being cooped up in the bottle for so many years.
    The owners of Chateau Decanter hope that their wine bar is a sanctuary that provides breathing spaces for city-dwellers like us. One can hang out here for hours; pop in for a glass after work, stay for dinner then fall into the street long after dark, again and again and again…
    The wine rack-adorned indoor area has three intimate private dining rooms, a spacious common area as well as bar seating area.
    There’s also a cosy semi outdoor smoking area – complete with a busy street view.
    Chateau Decanter offers an exceptionally diverse selection of old world and new world wines, obscure gems alongside well-beloved classics.

    One of the owners, Scott is a big fan of Malbec due to its rich, supple textures and spicy personality. According to him, one of the most underrated Malbec producing countries is Argentina. It has some terrific examples of Malbec, which is known for its dark fruit flavors and smoky finish. Our bottle of 2017 Trapiche Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina (RM 150) is great value for money, so easy to drink, medium-bodied with a soft mouthfeel.
    Instead of nuts, guava pickle is being served as snacks here. It is an excellent sweet and savoury snacks that goes well with wines.
    Sliced Salmon White Choux (RM 19). We loved this savoury cream puff stuffed with smoked salmon and avocado cream. So delicious!
    Have you ever thought about combining afternoon tea with wine? “Wine tea” is a great, new concept here. We had a two tier snacks platter that consists of gourmet cheeses with varying accompaniments, cold cuts and herbs crusted tuna steaks. The platter and wine is a match made in heaven <3


    Coconut Pasta (RM 35) – a pasta dish that looks Italian but is filled with Asian flavours. The creamy base topped with desiccated coconut flakes is a brilliant idea!
    Scott’s family owns a famous Yim Gok Gai (salt baked chicken) restaurant in KL, hence we were quite delighted to see this in the menu. Surprisingly, salty and juicy chicken with herbal notes went really well with our glass of Malbec.
    With an amazing zingy refreshing lemon flavour all over, the Lemon Creme (RM 15) is a perfect ending to our meal.
    Give your wine-loving host a gift they’ll actually want, such as a bottle of wine that comes with a beautiful gift box.
    Chateau Decanter is also a cozy warm and relaxing wine bar with live music. We were there on a Saturday night and they have a live piano performance at 9pm. For performance schedule, do check out
    Chateau Decanter, TTDI
    Add:175A, Jalan Aminuddin Baki, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Tel:012-302 1502
    Hours:5.00PM – 1.00AM (Mon – Sat); Closed on Sundays

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