As You Like Hong Kong Chicken Pot, Solaris Mont Kiara

    When I was in Hong Kong few years back, a chicken pot craze was simmering away in the city, with a host of restaurants putting their twist on the fiery recipe. I really miss the spicy, heavily flavoured chicken dish that gave my tongue a nice numbing sensation.

    Well, we got lucky because As You Like Restaurant, a popular chicken pot chain store in Hong Kong has just set up their first Malaysian outlet at Solaris Mont Kiara.
    It is located at the same row of shophouses with Nanda Chicken.


    For the chicken pot, you can tick to select mild hot to extra hot and mild numb to extra numb – as you like it. For half a chicken boiled in broth, it is priced at RM 58, or you can opt for two types of soup – spicy and clear  (RM 98).

    Apart from steamboat ingredients, As You Like offers barbecue items, cold dishes and mala dry pots too.
    Home Made Watercress with Honey (RM 16 per jug)

    It is a very nourishing and refreshing drinks – perfect accompaniment to our mala chicken pot.
    Grill XL half shell scallop with garlic (RM 18 each)

    The scallops were bigger than my palms. Putting these scallops on the grill lets the subtle, sweet flavor of the seafood shine through.
    Grilled Chicken Cartilage (RM 4/stick)
    Premium Golden Preserved Egg (RM 18)

    Instead of the usual translucent dark brown colour, the preserved eggs here has a beautiful golden hue. We loved the runny, goey yolk with the consistency slightly more viscous than a soft-boiled egg. A good quality century egg like this does not have any pungent taste too.


    Gai Bo, translating literally as “chicken pot” arrived to our table in two flavours – clear and spicy.

    The spicy, heavily flavoured broth is cooked not just chillies and peppercorns, it also contains a copious amounts of Chinese herbs and spices. The broth has a good balance of sweetness, saltiness, numbing spices and heat. We opted for mild hot and mild numb so everyone can enjoy the dish. Love the delicious mouth-numbing broth, so syok!

    Hong Kong Mushroom Ball, Golden Ham Ball, Hokkaido Premium Snow Crab Meat, Fish Ball (RM 8 – 12)

    As You Like uses premium ingredients and they imported most of these balls from Hong Kong. Our favourite was the mushroom balls with nice earthy flavor and a bouncy texture.
    Hong Kong Fried Fish Skin (RM 18)

    Fried to crispy perfection, the fish skin was really addictive!
    HK Beancurd Roll (RM 8)

    We were so happy to see our favourite “heong ling” here, we love to dunk it into the broth for a few seconds to soften it.
    US Premium Angus Beef Slice (RM 48)

    Here you can enjoy premium ingredients such as high-grade angus beef slices with nice marbling that can come out delicately tender, tasty and juicy when cooked in the chicken pot.
    As You Like Hong Kong Chicken Pot
    13, Jalan Solaris 2, Mont Kiara 50480 KL.

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