IKEA New 2018 Catalogue and Our Wishlist

    Look what just arrived on my door step – its the 2018 IKEA Catalogue! I had fun flipping through the pages, what a joy to find inspiration for my home decoration.
    Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 1.01.13 PM.png
    I was excite to see many new design collaboration, such as Hay and Tom Dixon that will be start hitting the shore shelves in October 2017. Plus, there are 4.5 times more products at even lower prices compared to last year!
    The new catalog is encouraging people to make space for their needs and dreams. This means multi-functional products that fits into almost everyone’s lifestyle – such as a TV cabinet that doubles as a storage unit, and I also love the modular sofa sets that can be easily mix and match according to your needs.
    One of the thing that we have been wanting to get this IKEA 365+ cook’s knife. With a 15 year guarantee, we don’t have to worry wear and tear.
    The other item that we wanted to get is the IKEA PS 2017 3-piece self-watering plant pot set. Keeping our plants watered while we are away on vacation can be a hassle, hence the self-watering plant pot is perfect. I hope that my husband won’t call me a plant killer anymore.
    Since we are so into making recipes videos nowadays (follow us on instagram: @kbcgkitchen), we have been buying a lot of dinnerware. The BEHAGA series is so beautiful, love the watercolour painting effect so much. It’s definitely a must get for us.

    Now that you’ve caught a glimpse of what’s coming into the store, tell us what new IKEA products are you most excited for?

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