Gobo Upstairs with Chef Mun @ Traders Hotel KL

    Gobo Upstairs Lounge & Grill’s is one of our favourite places to go for good steak and wines. We were even more excited when Gobo Upstairs is now headed by new head honcho Chef Mun, who is carrying on the restaurant’s tradition for perfectly grilled steaks and intensely gratifying meals.

    We had a fun night of amazing food and wines here. We started off with a GUP Cold Platter:
    Spanish Mackerel Tartare
    With semolina cracker, pistou, preserved lemon yogurt

    Wedge Salad 6
    iceberg lettuce, blue cheese, crispy beef bacon,
    avocado, goddess dressing

    Vodka Cured Salmon
    grilled asparagus, lemon zest, pickled shallots,
    crème fraîche caviar
    GUP Hot Platter:
    Salmon Crab Cake with Grilled Prawn
    homemade guacamole, truffle slices, saffron fumet miniature herbs, salad

    Crispy Prawns
    coated with durian mayonnaise

    Balsamic Marinated Tuna
    smoked eggplant, basil leaves, mesclun

    Everything paired perfectly with the Vina Maipo Vitral Chardonnay. My utmost favourite is the crispy prawns coated with durian mayonnaise and salmon crab cake with grilled prawn. Sweet and luscious durian mayo with crispy prawn – can’t go wrong with that.
    For soup, we had GUP’s signature Lobster Bisque with lobster ragout, tarragon cream & brandy, and paired with Vina Maipo Vitral Merlot. Love the rich flavour and crimson colour, so good!

    Our first main was the Baked Cod with Miso Honey glazed with wasabi, bean curd, wilted romaine lettuce
    The baked cod was done just right,  with flaky white flesh that still has a pleasant oily texture.
    Grilled Lamb Loin with arancini , broccolini/ porcini sauce is another main item that I am really excited about. Love the natural gamey, grassy flavor of the meat and the smoky, charred flavors of grilling. It is best best paired with Vina Maipo Vitral Cabernet Sauvignon or Pampas Del Sur Estilo Malbec.
    Here comes the star of the night: Wagyu Tomahawk with Pomme puree & buttered vegetables.
    This Tomahawk just won’t impress you and your friends, it will knock you off your feet once you bite into it. It was incredibly tender and riddled with that mouthwatering marbling – love the buttery texture and succulent, beefy flavor. It is perfectly seared with smokey charred skin and the fats just melt in your mouth. So good with Vina Maipo Vitral Cabernet Sauvignon or Pampas Del Sur Estilo Malbec!
    Our sweet ending came and it was my favourite Cherry BOMMM, a solitary sphere of white chocolate on a field of edible flowers and raspberries.
    Dark chocolate is poured on the white chocolate shell, causing it to melt and reveal the a cute heart shape cake within.

    Gobo Upstairs Lounge & Grill
    Add: Level 6, Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: +603 2332 9910
    Email: [email protected]
    Operating Hours: Lunch: 12pm – 2:30pm, Dinner: 6.30pm – 10.30pm

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