AMMELTZ YOKOYOKO Heat Patch for Neck & Shoulder Pain

    Having a 9-5 desk job as well as a passion for blogging; I am practically spending all day at a desk and computer. Sitting hunched over a computer, typing furiously and staring at screens all day has already wreaked havoc on my body.

    My bad posture is contributing to tightness in neck and shoulder, as well as back pain and discomfort. I tried doing some simple streches, making ergonomic adjustments in my work place, however sometimes I sill experience slight discomfort on my neck and shoulder. Consistent massage sessions is out of the question, because I do not have the luxury of time.

    Heat patches are something that suit my busy lifestyle the best. AMMELTZ YOKOYOKO HEAT PATCH FOR NECK & SHOULDER PAIN uses heat therapy that targets pain at its root cause as it helps improve blood circulation. By warming the affected area, the volume of blood flow increases and it produces vasodilation, which increases the supply of oxygen and removal of metabolic waste, leading to better healing and reduced pain.
    Most importantly, the patches are air activated, easy to apply and are a convenient alternative to massage oils or balms.
    It is so easy to use too! I just need to stick it directly on my skin. It fits so well that I can move comfortably and freely.
    I can even use it during office working hours under my working attire without feeling awkward. It is also odourless so I can use it anywhere, anytime, even in the plane.
    Disclaimer: Please do not use ethe heat patches when you are sleeping to avoid getting burnt.

    The heat patch provides stable and safe temperature (40 °C) up to 8 hours. I can definitely feel an instant relief on my shoulder pain and tension.
    AMMELTZ YOKOYOKO HEAT PATCH FOR NECK & SHOULDER PAIN is currently sold at RM11.50 (for 2 pieces in a box) at nearest pharmacy such as Watsons, Guardian, Caring, other independent pharmacies. One package contains 2 pieces inside.

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